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Obama’s failures abound

Zachary Thomas Athmann, Sauk Rapids It pains me to see the glorification of Obama. I mean, what cave has Obama lovers been living in? How about we actually take Obama’s critics into consideration and think about why they criticize him before we call them cave dwellers. • Obama created 13.7 million jobs… or was that […]

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Reader counteracts Obama’s achievements

Dennis Dunphy, St. Joseph I don’t think a letter will open the eyes of Dennis Dalman. His eyes have been shut for so long he needs to use a white cane to get around. Dalman has attacked Donald Trump for so long he seems to have limited vision and needs new glasses. Dalman seems to […]

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Ben Carson must be obtuse — NOT!

James A. LeMieur, Sauk Rapids There was at one time, 17 Republican candidates running for the office of president. The most respected, intelligent and highly regarded of them all was Ben Carson. If you don’t recall who he is, it’s probably because the self-described “inclusive,” left-leaning media disregarded and dismissed him. He was mocked on […]

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Let’s review the school bond

Jack Ryan, Sartell First, congratulations to Sartell schools and local parents on their phenomenal high-school graduation rate of 99.2 percent. Some 95 percent-plus enter a trade or four-year college. Recently, I moved here from North Carolina’s mountains where the graduation rate was 75 percent. Sartell’s curriculum accommodates both college- and trade-school-bound. Below are some questions […]

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Sartell Middle School student concurs with positive school voting outcome

Theron Dohm, 14-year-old son of Melodie and Jason Dohm, and an eighth-grader at Sartell Middle School I think the building of the new school was a great decision. In the middle school, we have had to change our library into three different classrooms and we have the theater room sharing with orchestra. The middle school […]


Opportunity Matters thanks Sartell

Brenda Eggerth, Sartell Opportunity Matters would like to thank everyone who stopped out at Coborn’s on Pinecone Road June 3 and 4, and supported our Guys’ and Gals’ Club as they served up brats and hot dogs.  Though the weather did not necessarily cooperate, more than $220 was raised for fun events and outings for individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges.

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Thanks Sartell-St. Stephen School District residents for approving school bond

Dr. Jeff Schwiebert Sartell-St. Stephen School District superintendent As superintendent of the Sartell-St. Stephen School District, I want to thank you for participating in the May 24 school district’s bond referendum. We greatly appreciate all who took the time to vote in this election. Our democracy depends on the involvement of our citizens. With a […]

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Thanks to the Newsleaders for coverage

Jeff Schwiebert, ISD 748 superintendent, Sartell Thank you for the excellent coverage on the recent school-bond issue. For our democracy to work, people need to be informed and your paper does a great job. Of registered voters, we had more than 40 percent vote in an off year mid-May election! Thanks again.