Reader urges contacting President-elect Trump about ICE arrests

Jim Graeve, St. Joseph

On Nov. 25, in the USA section of the St. Cloud Times, an article appeared stating the new President-elect Donald Trump and his advisors were considering the use of local law enforcement, police and sheriff to assist in arresting undocumented immigrants. Immigration laws are a federal requirement under the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency, commonly referred to as ICE.

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Reader compliments ‘Catholic of Year’ article

S. Michaela (Hedican), St. Joseph

(Editor’s note: The following is in response to the Jan. 6 front-page article in the St. Joseph Newsleader about Sister Michaela Hedican, the prioress at St. Benedict’s Monastery, being named one of the “Catholics of the Year.”)

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Reader expresses thanks for coverage

The Rev. Emil and Beulah Williams

Pastor Emeritus and his wife

Rice Community Church

We are writing you to express our thanks for the sweet mention of Rice Community Church in last week’s edition of your newspaper (Year in Review story).  You have truly been a friend of this church.  This current very positive “ad” for our church and the glowing interview by Newsleader reporter Dennis Dalman last year bring to mind the scripture in 1 Samuel 2:30 where God is giving a prophecy to the child Samuel. It says, in part, “…those who honor Me I will honor.”  The Bible speaks well of those who bless God and His “business.” May God bless you and your business on account of these kindnesses.

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Reader says urge legislators to oppose Pruitt as head of EPA

William Haider, Sauk Rapids

Thank you for your support of the Paris climate accord. “The agreement is vital to preserve the earth for future generations.” (Newsleaders editorial Dec. 15) My family shares your hope for Mr. Trump’s awakening to the reality of climate change. Unfortunately, his appointment of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency suggests otherwise.

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City pays enormous sums for ‘studies’

Thomas J. Ellenbecker, St. Joseph

So is this the final, final study on how to improve the City of St. Joseph (Dec. 23 Newsleader story: “City council chooses firm to help shape the future”) or just the latest final study? I guess spending an additional $60,000 after we’ve paid for the study of splash pads and water parks, community centers and building uses, dog parks and economic development is, to the city, no big deal. But let’s ask the people living on a fixed income if this is money well spent. I would love the mayor, city council and the city administrator to give us an accounting of how much has been spent on this and ALL studies they have approved in the past 10 years. This would be a great investigative article for the Newsleader (if I may suggest).

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Thank you, Paul Spizcka, for kindness to veteran

Dennis Koep, Sauk Rapids

I want to thank Paul Spizcka at PBS Metalworks of Sauk Rapids for doing a wonderful reconstruct and welding job on the rear axle of my mobility scooter. I am considered 100-percent disabled but still need to cook in the kitchen with my elevating seat scooter.

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Thank you to everyone who made Winterwalk magical

Margy Hughes, St. Joseph

On Dec. 2, downtown St. Joseph was able to have a celebration and a whole lot of fun. There was the tree-lighting at the Bello Cucina patio, followed by caroling. Then we went over to Heritage Hall for time with Santa and Mrs. Claus, being able to make a tree ornament to take home, eat wonderful cookies, drink hot beverages and have more sweets in a treat bag from Santa.

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Thank you, Newsleaders, for heartwarming, thorough story

Joyce Stock, St. Joseph

Janice and I would like to thank the Newsleaders and especially Cori Hilsgen for the wonderful article written about the work being done in Haiti. Our dresses are only a small part of the big picture, and you covered it so well, giving proper credit to so many people. Thank you again for the great coverage. When I return from Florida, my sewing machine will be humming again.

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