Splash pad wanted in St. Joseph

Adam Novak, St. Joseph

I think there should be a splash pad in St. Joseph because a lot of kids will like it and I know will like it. Also, I know there was a group of people put together to think about a splash pad but it never happened. I don’t know where to put it but I hope it’s close enough.

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Reader warns beware of dog in Wilds’ park area

Jeff Lahr, Sartell

On July 31 I was taking my evening walk around the path that leads through “The Wilds” neighborhood-park area. As I  proceeded around one of the two holding ponds, I spotted a girl, about 7 years old, trying to control on a leash two small dogs, which were very upset. When the dogs spotted me, they pulled the girl toward me. I jumped off the path to avoid the dogs but both jumped on me and the white terrier dog bit me twice in the left leg. The girl pulled the dogs off me, said she was sorry and left.

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Thank you, Newsleaders, for heartwarming, thorough story

Joyce Stock, St. Joseph

Janice and I would like to thank the Newsleaders and especially Cori Hilsgen for the wonderful article written about the work being done in Haiti. Our dresses are only a small part of the big picture, and you covered it so well, giving proper credit to so many people. Thank you again for the great coverage. Whenever I have spare time, my sewing machine will be humming again.

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Zeke the dog story delights reader

Jan Hanning, Sartell

I can’t thank you enough for your really good write-up Friday, July 14 (about Zeke the dog). It was such fun to read about Lee Hart and his Zeke. I saved the paper to give to our daughter who has a dog who is so sweet to her. It seems like animals have so many human qualities.

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Forget roundabout; fix the road

Gary L. Mayavski, Sartell


Really? You are going to put rocks and plant trees on the Sartell roundabouts? How about fixing one of the streets/roads in Sartell first? You know the one. It runs out east to Hwy. 15 from the four-way stop where the paper mill used to be – First Street NE or CR 29, whatever you want to call it. People are driving in the bike paths to avoid the rough road with cracks, holes, potholes and more. Split the cost and GET IT DONE before somebody gets hurt. As an idea, maybe you could use the money you’re spending on the roundabouts to fix the road. Wake up and “smell the coffee.”

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Wedding dreams come true

Rajahna and Jacob Scherbing, St. Cloud

A wedding is an event that little girls dream of their whole lives. Without a doubt, my wedding day met and exceeded all of my expectations. My husband Jacob and I could not have asked for a better day, June 17. We would like to thank those individuals and businesses in our community who made our dreams come true.

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Words do not matter to Trump so what’s said one day can be discarded the next

Kent Nelson, Sartell

At the recent G-20 Summit, Trump said the United States would support NATO., but European Union President Tusk responded, ” . . . the real question is whether it was a one-time incident or a new policy” to which Trump said, “. . .  words are easy, but it’s actions that matter.”

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Thank you for ‘Sartell Stories’

Maggie Kraemer

Senior Connection board member

The Sartell Senior Connection would like to acknowledge individuals who helped create the initial segments of a video series entitled Sartell Stories.  People involved in the project include 2017 Sartell High School graduate Cami Doman as the producer, Sartell High School Technology Teacher Joe Schulte as the director and a host of area residents who shared their personal experiences.

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