Support immigrants after ban’s ugly shadow

The framers of the “travel ban,” signed by President Donald Trump, keep insisting it’s not a “ban on Muslims.”

However, imagine how it feels to be a hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Somali man, woman or child right here in our area – many of whom have become by now full-fledged American citizens. Imagine how they felt when Trump, as a candidate, promised a ban on the entry of Muslims into this country. And imagine how they now feel? We are told the ban is not a blanket exclusion of Muslims, and yet – remembering Trump’s campaign promise – how can we and especially the Muslims among us be reassured of the intentions behind that ban?

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Learning to be anti-scam savvy a vital skill to avoid being ‘took’

Once again, phone scams are in the news.

The latest involves the “Yes” scam in which the caller “tricks” a person into saying “Yes” on the phone. The crook on the other end of the line then records that person’s “Yes.” It can then be used later when the unwitting victims learn they owe a bill for something they did not order or want. If a victim scoffs at the bill, the scammer will then play back the sound of that person saying “Yes” as “proof” they agreed to the offer.

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Will Land of Liberty become grim fortress?

Once upon a time, there was a sweet Land of Liberty. It was envied everywhere as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

The country was comprised of immigrants who came from old countries across the ocean. Many had been persecuted. So they crossed the ocean to the new land where native people had lived for thousands of years. The immigrants weren’t good to the natives; they drove them off their lands or killed many. Some of the immigrants also bought and sold slaves. The women residents could not vote until 134 years after the nation was founded. But despite those bad things, it kept improving because of a document written by its Founders that set up a way for the nation to govern itself and which held up as hallowed the rights and freedoms for all people.

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Trump is going to need the press he so despises

Trump & Co. would do well to cease its war against the Press.

They are going to need the Press to communicate with the American people as they plunge into their promises of “change.” Even if Trump, bypassing the Press, tweets constantly night and day, tweets cannot explain the complexities and nuances of the far-reaching changes he hopes to make.

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Wobegon Trail extension looks like green-light go

Any city these days without a hiking-biking trail should blush from embarrassment. Such trails have become an integral part of life in progressive cities. That is why we should be happy the Lake Wobegon Trail, at long last, will likely be extended as early as next fall.

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History will rate Obama as very good president

The Barack Obama presidency, despite eight years of irrational and vicious clamor from his detractors, will likely get good marks in the pages of history.

First of all, he inherited an economy on the brink of catastrophe caused mainly by reckless, greedy investors (let’s use the proper name – “crooks”) on Wall Street. In his economic-recovery plan, Obama insisted on bailing out the banks, despite howls of what seemed like justified outrage. But that, along with other emergency measures, worked, and the banks paid back the money. He also saved America’s car industry from virtual collapse. In what was the worst recession since the 1930s, the Obama administration saved not only America’s economy but indirectly also the world economy. Yes, the road to recovery was slow, but in Obama’s eight years in office, 11.3 million jobs were created. The unemployment rate fell from close to 10 percent to below 5 percent. Too bad, though, the crooks didn’t go to prison where they belong.

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Let’s put our wishes to work for good changes in new year

The Newsleaders’ staff members wish all of our readers may enjoy a Happy New Year.

After all the depressing news developments in 2016, everyone is due for big bundles of good news, glad tidings.

This is what we, the staff, wish for our readers and – for that matter – everyone else in the world:

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Choose in favor of health as new year approaches

There’s some good news as we approach 2017. Minnesota is the fourth-healthiest state in the nation, according to another annual study released by “United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings.”

The report examined 34 measures of behaviors, health policies, clinical-care data and other statistics.

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