Has your shower door exploded lately?

Some people, including me, still think of showers as spooky places after having seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 55 years ago. To this day, when I grab and close the shower curtain, I flash back to that shocking murder scene with its shriek-shriek-shriek soundtrack. I don’t get scared, but I think of it. Well, there’s a […]


I will not seek nor will I accept…

After much conversation with my family and due consideration of the work involved, I have decided not to announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I understand this may come as a shock and even a disappointment to many of you. My decision is, however, final. I will use […]


‘Vertigo’ reigns supreme on my movie list

There’s been another “100 Best American Movies” list just released, this one solicited by the British Broadcast Corp. from 63 international film critics. As a long-time movie buff and occasional movie critic since my high-school newspaper days, these best-movies lists always interest me. The new list is interesting because the critics were asked to name […]

Abby Ring-icon

America needs Planned Parenthood

On Aug. 6, the Grand Old Party (otherwise known as the Republican Party) held its first debate in Cleveland, Ohio. As a woman, I found the debate regarding abortion to be appalling. It comes as no surprise, however, that the field of GOP contenders is strictly anti-abortion. These candidates for the Republican Party have terrifying, […]


Cancer center needs new lease on life

Most of us half expect it when we hear scandals about faraway institutions. We tend to react, cynically, with “Yeah, what else is new?” But when such scandals happen closer to home, it can have a disturbing effect, causing us to wonder, “Is there anything we can trust anymore?” One such scandal recently hit home, […]


Presidential debate – who won, who lost?

This past Thursday evening, I watched the Republican presidential debates on Fox News. This column will be a discussion of my thoughts on those debates – who won, who lost and who just showed up. Truth be told, it is extremely difficult to get one’s points across in one or two-minute sound bites, but those […]


Safari hunting must be stopped

Mark Twain famously said, “Man is the only animal that blushes – or needs to.” I keep wondering if Minneapolis dentist Dr. Walter Palmer is blushing or expressing any shame or regret now that people all over the world have expressed loud outrage against his killing of Cecil the lion. In all fairness, Palmer claims he […]