Trees, trees, long live trees!

Imagine living in a place with no trees. I’d up and move immediately; rather, I wouldn’t move there to begin with. About 10 years ago, a large dying birch tree in my side yard had to be chopped down. I still miss that tree. There are magnificent trees in this neighborhood, some of them 80 […]

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The national debt – a young person’s perspective

The general election season is upon us. Even with the start of the campaign already more than a year past, we still have much to come. The most brutal campaigning is unfortunately still ahead of us, as the crowded primaries yield to the one-on-one slugfest lasting until Election Day. Many issues have been discussed by […]


Juno a tad late to Jupiter – by 1 second!

It’s been 10 days and I’m still in a state of astonishment, trying to wrap my little Earth-bound brain around the stupendous fact that Juno was only one second late for its rendezvous with Jupiter — one second! After a 1.7-billion-mile journey to Jupiter that took about five years, it was only late by a […]

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I love a parade – unless …

For those of you who are too young to remember it, there is a movie about a gentleman named George M. Cohen. One of the songs from it is “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the Fourth of July.” I can relate to that song because my natal day was Memorial Day. Back then, […]


Trump the Pot calls Kettle black

Show me a politician who has never told a blatant lie and I’ll show you a miracle in full-blooming glory. Politicians, after all, are mere mortals, though some act like shining gods or strutting emperors – Donald Trump for one. Never in my long life have I witnessed such a fib-flinger as Trump, who not […]

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The Fourth of July – uniquely American

As we approach the Fourth of July once again, I think we should take a look back at how the American tradition got started. This year will be the 240th occurrence of the date of the founding of our republic, and 2026 will be an even more momentous occasion with the 250th. On the date […]


Stop lamebrain excuses against gun laws

(Note: This column was written before a June 19 deadline, so the outcome of a possible congressional vote on gun-safety proposals was not known yet. The vote was expected to happen as early as June 20.) The excuses are growing lamer by the day for not passing laws regulating the sale and access to certain […]


Obama’s achievements abound

To hear some people tell it, President Barack Obama is the worst president in U.S. history who has done absolutely nothing to strengthen the country and much to weaken us. What kind of cave have these people been living in? Some of that willful blindness could be changing, however. In just the past five months, […]