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His girlfriend wasn’t wowed by his sailboat savvy

(Dear Readers: In the Jan. 22 Newsleader, I, Dennis Dalman, wrote a column about neighbors and me doing dumb things and challenged readers to send in stories about their dumber moments. One reader, a St. Joseph resident, responded with the following essay, but he begged me not to use his name because, as he put […]


Patience, patience, patience my younger ones

I’m sure this has happened to you. You go to the grocery store and when you are finished you get into a checkout lane to pay and leave. Sometimes, like me, you get into the wrong lane. Just the other day I did it again. I got into the wrong lane for checkout. Things were […]


Beware of foreign-born pretenders

At least Sen. Ted Cruz admits he wasn’t born in America – unlike our president. President Barack Obama, as everyone knows, was born in Kenya, a savage child with a bone in his nose who grew up as a hard-core subversive Muslim socialist-communist America-hater. And then he had the gall to move to America and […]


American tourist in North Korea is another useful idiot

Well it has happened again. An American tourist has been arrested in North Korea on some trumped up charge. His name is Otto Warmier and he is a student at the University of Virginia. He traveled as a tourist to North Korea with a Chinese touring company. He probably couldn’t get there any other way. […]


Feeling dumb? Put on your thinking cap

Did you ever do anything dumb? I mean really dumb. Like when you forget to put on your thinking cap – if you even have one. The other day, next-door-neighbor Marty told her husband, Richard, to go to the store to get some toilet paper. He returned an hour later with a package of paper […]


What are the police supposed to do?

By way of explanation, I have completed courses in gun safety sponsored by the National Rifle Association as well as graduated from the Metro Civilian Police Academy. I have an extensive background in gun handling through the military as well as a basic knowledge of police work. While I am not offering you my opinion […]


Thanks, Obama, for gun-safety initiative

Three cheers for President Barack Obama, who had the guts to issue 23 executive actions and three presidential executive actions regarding gun safety. Unfortunately, most will require congressional approval, and we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon. At least not until the irresponsible obstructionists – the darlings of the Gun Lobby – […]


Granddaughter’s giving gift of love

About 10 years ago my grandchildren were busy playing in their room. Nic was 8 and his sister, Scout, was 5. Things suddenly got quiet, very quiet. Now if you are a parent, you know this can’t be good. Rambunctious kids are loud and rarely quiet. Things happen when children are left in the care […]