Down, down, down with pop-up ads!

Is anybody anywhere as irritated as I am by pop-up ads? If so, please write me and share your annoyance, your outrage. Maybe, together, we can do something about them. They are reproducing worse than Tribbles in that classic Star Trek episode. Let’s unite, join forces and banish from the universe that dastardly pop-up practice once […]

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‘Could I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life?’

There it was again, that song. It always happens this time of year, the anniversary of my brother’s untimely demise. It’s inevitable that that song dances through my ears.  It was playing on the music machine at a local gin joint. Brother Don was an early genius and late bloomer in his personal life. He joined […]


Trump lies twice in 20 seconds

It took Donald Trump, the Father of the Birthers, five years to admit President Barack Obama was born in the United States, and – leave it to Trump – when he did admit it, he told two bold-faced lies in the space of 20 seconds. Two of his all-time worst lies. At a Sept. 16 […]

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Please respect the flag

During the last few weeks, there has been an odd trend creeping into our nation’s sports. Starting with the actions of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, it has now become fashionable for athletes to sit or take a knee during our national anthem before the game. While everyone has freedom of speech, we are also not immune […]


Where is Josh? Where is Jodi?

Now that Jacob Wetterling has been found (in the saddest outcome imaginable) we must now wonder: Where is Joshua Guimond? Where is Jodi Huisentruit? And where are all the other missing children and adults? Jodi Huisentruit – there is a photo of her that nags at me, haunts me, and I can’t get it out […]

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I’m tired of going in circles

Around and around and around we go! Once again, I’ve missed my chance to become a millionaire. Call them traffic circles; call them roundabouts; call them an intrusive way to annoy our day. Whatever you choose to call them, I call them a missed opportunity for me to get rich by buying into the company […]


Thanks, Gene, for half century of laughter

Some people should get a special dispensation from on high to live forever on earth – well, almost forever – and actor-comedian Gene Wilder should have been one of them. Sometimes someone dies and you say to yourself, “Impossible. That can’t be. That just can’t be.” I felt that way when Robin Williams died. Still […]

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Victims get short end of stick

Local newspapers have zeroed in on crime. And it’s about time. Reading the police blotters of both the Sauk Rapids and Rice police departments, they are reacting as best they can with the resources they have. They are busy because of the repeat offenders who make up the majority of crime. And they are only […]