Sight of monarchs makes me happy, sad

Every time I see a monarch butterfly flutter past, I get a rush of happy nostalgia. But the nostalgia quickly turns into sadness for two reasons – sadness for my favorite brother, Michael, who died in his sleep 13 years ago; and sadness that monarchs might become extinct some day.

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Miracle League a great benefit for kids

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reading an article in the Newsleaders about the Miracle League. It was very interesting, and I credit the reporter, Cori Hilsgen, and all of the people she interviewed for their great information about this special organization. I know of it well, and I would just like to share a little of my own experiences to tell everyone what a great service Miracle League does for deserving kids in our area.

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By plan or serendipity, life is richer with a dog

This week marks the seventh anniversary of my mother’s untimely death. And previously at this time of year, while others were planning their Mother’s Day weekends with their families, I would avoid all the sappy TV commercials like the plague, feeling profoundly sad, angry and bitter. Both sets of my grandparents had lived into their 90s so I always thought my mother would follow suit. You see, my mother wasn’t only my mother, she was my best friend, my mentor, my cheerleader – the one who lifted me up. Life is a lot emptier without her in it.

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Trump is right: Australia’s is better

Once in a blue moon a truth slips from the lips of President Trump.

That rare lunar phenomenon happened one day last week shortly after TrumpCare, so-called, (more like RyanCare) was approved by a slim margin in the U.S. House. Trump was crowing about “his” health-care plan to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull:

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Hurrah to marchers for climate justice

It was so good April 29 to see reports of so many people in so many cities marching for climate justice, speaking up against the forces of human-caused global warming.

The marches were dubbed, collectively, the “People’s Climate March.”

It’s almost inconceivable there are still some stubborn people who insist man-made climate change is a “hoax.” Their arguments are larded with illogical conclusions, and they tend to ignore scientific evidence with a kind of gleeful scorn.

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Why judge presidents by first 100 days?

As you might have heard in the news lately, President Donald Trump completed his 100th day in office Saturday, April 29. Many commentators and analysts made their cases about what was accomplished, and what it means for the times to come. But why is the first 100 days the benchmark, and is it really a good assessment of what a president’s entire term will be like?

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Vetting? Existential? Say what?

For years, I’ve heard the term “vetting,” and though I knew what it meant, I had no idea how the word originated.

Vetting, of course, means checking into a candidate’s history before appointment to a job or political office. It’s most often used in the political world.

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Volunteering improves our world

Did you know Minnesota has the fourth-highest volunteer rate in the nation? That is according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. It lists Minnesota as having 34.9 percent of the state’s population volunteering in 2013. This is certainly encouraging news, but it didn’t surprise me all that much.

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