Long live the Paramount Theater!

I was born a diehard movie buff. When we were kids in the 1950s, going to the Paramount Theater was like dying and going to heaven, over and over again. My two sisters, three brothers and I were St. Cloud southsiders who grew up just west of the college. We would walk the mile to […]


I have good news

If you turn on your TV set you are going to hear bad news. If you read your newspaper, you are going to read of bad news. If you listen to the radio, there is nothing but bad news. The Stock Market is in the toilet. ISIS is taking over the world and it’s just […]


Compassion must be tempered by realism

Compassion, the ability to feel sympathy with someone else, is perhaps the most crucial human quality of all, but sometimes, sad to say, it can bring unintended consequences. And that is what is happening right now in Europe. Wave upon wave of immigrants is surging into Europe, too many – far too many – for […]


When is a law a law? Each branch plays its part

Kim Davis is the duly elected clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky. When she was elected and still in effect today, the Kentucky Constitution forbids issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Since her election the Supreme Court has decided, in a 5-4 decision, that same-sex couples can, in fact, be married. This decision flies in the […]


Cookie-aisle screechers need spanking

When I heard the screams, I stopped dead in my tracks terrified, thinking a child was being murdered. It was a blood-curdling scream. It took me a couple seconds to realize the child – far from being murdered – was just a spoiled brat throwing a vicious temper tantrum in a food aisle at Walmart […]

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Schools should hand out diplomas, not disorders

by Alan Shusterman The school year is here. This fall, nearly 55 million kids reported to elementary or secondary school, according to the U.S. Department of Education. But the journey from kindergarten to commencement is inflicting collateral damage on kids. More than eight in 10 students report experiencing moderate to extreme stress. Teen suicide rates […]


Mr. Parker, good luck with gun-law efforts

Andy Parker, the grieving father of murdered TV reporter Alison Parker, says he has a mission: to fight for reasonable changes in gun laws, such as mandatory background checks on all gun buyers. Good luck, Mr. Parker, and more power to you. However, it’s going to be an uphill battle. If legislators refused to tighten […]


Bashing Wonder Woman, inciting riots and more – how embarrassing

Did you hear about the little girl who was sent home from school because she had a “Wonder Woman” lunchbox? The school officials decided Wonder Woman was too violent, too harmful and just not a good symbol for this young girl. Are you kidding me? Wonder Woman is the epitome of  good – a moral, […]