Wobegon Trail extension looks like green-light go

Any city these days without a hiking-biking trail should blush from embarrassment. Such trails have become an integral part of life in progressive cities. That is why we should be happy the Lake Wobegon Trail, at long last, will likely be extended as early as next fall.

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Sore losers? Yes, with good reasons

Everybody is a liar except President Donald Trump, who so often doesn’t know the truth from a hole in the ground.

If you criticize Trump, you’re a liar.

If you prove Him wrong, you’re even a bigger liar.

If you like Him, you’re a good guy, a really great guy, a phenomenal guy – for awhile, anyway.

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Know how to avoid fake news

In recent weeks, much has been made of fake news. Facing fire on the subject, as well as alleged Russian hacking efforts to help him, President-elect Trump recently held a meeting with many of the nation’s tech executives. Although many hold views in opposition to Mr. Trump, the leaders of Amazon, Facebook, Google and many others still decided to make their voices heard on a number of issues. Calls have also been made for these companies to take steps on their own to reduce the spread of disinformation on their sites.

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Obamacare kaput? Choose plant-based diet

Serge Nesbitt, Sartell

With a Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance – a plant-based diet.

A study with 131,000 participants in last year’s Internal Medicine study found consumption of animal protein is associated with a higher risk of death. A couple of dozen other massive studies in the past four decades had similar findings. None reached opposite conclusions.

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Reader says urge legislators to oppose Pruitt as head of EPA

William Haider, Sauk Rapids

Thank you for your support of the Paris climate accord. “The agreement is vital to preserve the earth for future generations.” (Newsleaders editorial Dec. 15) My family shares your hope for Mr. Trump’s awakening to the reality of climate change. Unfortunately, his appointment of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency suggests otherwise.

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History will rate Obama as very good president

The Barack Obama presidency, despite eight years of irrational and vicious clamor from his detractors, will likely get good marks in the pages of history.

First of all, he inherited an economy on the brink of catastrophe caused mainly by reckless, greedy investors (let’s use the proper name – “crooks”) on Wall Street. In his economic-recovery plan, Obama insisted on bailing out the banks, despite howls of what seemed like justified outrage. But that, along with other emergency measures, worked, and the banks paid back the money. He also saved America’s car industry from virtual collapse. In what was the worst recession since the 1930s, the Obama administration saved not only America’s economy but indirectly also the world economy. Yes, the road to recovery was slow, but in Obama’s eight years in office, 11.3 million jobs were created. The unemployment rate fell from close to 10 percent to below 5 percent. Too bad, though, the crooks didn’t go to prison where they belong.

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China ivory ban might save elephants

Some very good news for the new year: China announced Dec. 30 it will ban all commerce in ivory by the end of 2017.

That move will – hopefully – shut down the worlds’ largest ivory market (China) and strike a blow to the vile practice of the poaching of elephants in Africa.

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Print news remains a major standard

News media is a very important part of society. Without it, we would have to rely on person-to-person interaction to find out what is happening outside of our immediate environment. For years, newspapers were the dominant source of this information. With the advent of television and the Internet, however, it has become a different story. While many benefits can be argued for these new methods, many web and television outlets use print stories and local reports as a basis for their programming. If print media continues to decline, the entire news sector will also feel the pinch.

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