Better safe than sorry, so heed bad-weather warnings

With the official start of summer on June 20, it’s a good time to review the importance of heeding bad weather conditions and warnings. On Sunday night, there were tornado warnings issued in parts of Stearns, Benton and Sherburne counties, and tornado-warning sirens blared loudly in many cities. Because tornadoes are fairly rare in Minnesota, […]


Stop lamebrain excuses against gun laws

(Note: This column was written before a June 19 deadline, so the outcome of a possible congressional vote on gun-safety proposals was not known yet. The vote was expected to happen as early as June 20.) The excuses are growing lamer by the day for not passing laws regulating the sale and access to certain […]

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Obama’s failures abound

Zachary Thomas Athmann, Sauk Rapids It pains me to see the glorification of Obama. I mean, what cave has Obama lovers been living in? How about we actually take Obama’s critics into consideration and think about why they criticize him before we call them cave dwellers. • Obama created 13.7 million jobs… or was that […]

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Reader counteracts Obama’s achievements

Dennis Dunphy, St. Joseph I don’t think a letter will open the eyes of Dennis Dalman. His eyes have been shut for so long he needs to use a white cane to get around. Dalman has attacked Donald Trump for so long he seems to have limited vision and needs new glasses. Dalman seems to […]


Mass killers find legitimacy via Internet cults of death

In the days before Internet, the Orlando LGBT nightclub killer would probably have shot to death a spouse, a relative or a co-worker – one, two or maybe three murders to vent his rage. But nowadays, these Internet-savvy killers feel compelled to go “big-time,” killing as many people as possible to sate their seething hatreds. […]


Obama’s achievements abound

To hear some people tell it, President Barack Obama is the worst president in U.S. history who has done absolutely nothing to strengthen the country and much to weaken us. What kind of cave have these people been living in? Some of that willful blindness could be changing, however. In just the past five months, […]

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Free speech – let the best argument win

Too often these days, debates in political discourse have become filled with buzzwords and little substance. News outlets and television channels air their opinions, while presenting them as facts. Is it possible for us as citizens to just find fair and unbiased information from our news sources instead of other people’s prejudices being pressed upon […]

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Ben Carson must be obtuse — NOT!

James A. LeMieur, Sauk Rapids There was at one time, 17 Republican candidates running for the office of president. The most respected, intelligent and highly regarded of them all was Ben Carson. If you don’t recall who he is, it’s probably because the self-described “inclusive,” left-leaning media disregarded and dismissed him. He was mocked on […]