Why make roundabouts so expensively pretty?

Sartell City Council member Mike Chisum said it best: “They (roundabouts) are not a tourist attraction; they’re not a claim to fame; they’re a traffic tool . . . a glorified stop sign.”

Chisum made his comments at the March 27 city-council meeting just before voting against a roundabout-landscaping proposal. On a 3-1 vote, the proposal was approved by Mayor Sarah Jane Nicoll and council members Ryan Fitzthum and Pat Lynch. Fitzthum, however, noted he has serious reservations about the cost involved and – with the mayor – will meet with the landscaper to find out more about the project and its estimated cost. Council member David Peterson was not at the March 27 meeting.

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Please be sure to give input for city’s comprehensive plan

Residents of St. Joseph should be sure to speak up about what they would like to see in the city’s next 10-year comprehensive plan.

Too many people daydream or grumble about what they want or do not want in their city, but they never express their thoughts unless it’s to family and close-knit friends. Time to share your views.

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Cruel fiends flourish on Internet

Once again, we have a terrifying example of how the Internet can be used for unspeakable ends.

In this case, it’s the fiend in Cleveland, Ohio who, angry with his girlfriend, decided to take out his anger on a total stranger – a 74-year-old man walking on the sidewalk. The killer walked up to the elderly man and told him he was about to die because of his (the shooter’s) girlfriend. Then he shot dead the poor guy.

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What’s the deal with ‘real’ ID?

Minnesota is currently facing a federal deadline. On Jan. 22, 2018, Minnesota is required by the Department of Homeland Security to meet more stringent driver’s license security measures. If no action is taken by that date, Minnesotans will no longer be able to use their driver’s licenses to fly even domestic flights and will instead need a passport or other Transportation Security Administration-accepted ID. So how have we gotten to this point, and what are the prospects for the last few months of the deadline? It all has to do with a federal law called the “real” ID Act.

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Cost of roundabout landscaping outrageous

Nancy Schramel, Sartell

Three cheers for Mike Chisum, Sartell city council member, who seems to be the only one in Sartell governing that is looking out for the taxpaying citizens of the city.

$80,000 for just the landscaping of two roundabouts is outrageous as you drive around the city on all the roads that need repair, and which have for a long time. What is wrong with grass and a few small trees, as some people have suggested.

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Thanks for Fort Snelling support

Jessica Kohen, St. Paul

Public Relations Manager

Minnesota Historical Society

Dennis Dalman, thank you for the wonderful editorial you wrote in the April 6 Sartell-St. Stephen and St. Joseph Newsleaders (“Pass bonding bill to fix Fort Snelling”).

I think it’s more critical now than ever for legislators to hear from their constituents about their desire to see a revitalized Historic Fort Snelling. Your paper is just the key to getting their ear. Thank you, again.

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Reader disagrees with political viewpoints of Newsleaders

Parker Robinson, Sartell

I’m not sure who will read this or if it will even get passed on, but I need to send this for my own satisfaction.

I’ve been a resident of Sartell for 15 years and love the community.  It’s a wonderful place to live and now that I’m a father, my child will be able to take advantage of the best school district in central Minnesota.  There is no town in this area my wife and I would consider raising our family in other than Sartell.

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Veteran suicides remain appalling national tragedy

In what is a sad irony, combat is not the leading cause of death of American soldiers serving in the Mid-East. Suicide is.

American combat deaths, thank goodness, have declined in the past three or four years in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is due to a changed strategy, with American troops serving in advisory capacities and with the use of targeted airstrikes against ISIS terrorists rather than direct combat. Instead of thousands of American soldiers killed, the number last year was under 20, which of course is 20 too many.

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