Olympic medalist Post makes us all proud

Let’s hear it for Alise Post, the St. Cloud woman who won a silver medal in the Summer Olympics last Friday. Post finished second in the women’s BMX (bicycle motocross) race in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The 25-year-old Tech High School graduate competed among the best of the best in the world, with gold medal […]


PolitiFact similar to lie-detector test

PolitiFact.com is just about the niftiest thing since cupcakes, especially if you happen to be a political junkie. And even if you’re not, it’s still a nifty resource in this era of the Political Liars and Truth-Tellers, too. What’s alarming – but at times almost comical – is the sheer extent some leaders go to […]

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Football is back – and not a moment too soon

It’s fall, ya’ll, and that rhymes with, well you know. It’s the obligatory season of laced leather (thank you, porker) in an oblong shape and wearing a brown-pimpled jacket. Darn, never has the pig made such a momentous sacrifice as it did when it surrendered itself for football. Now, do understand, I love pork roasts […]

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Mr. Trump, our country is already great

Lewis Neuman Jr., Sartell On Friday, Aug. 19, I opened a copy of the Newsleader and turned to the article written by editor Dennis Dalman. While reading the article, my eyes began to tear up profusely not because of sadness but because of joy. I was so thrilled to read the article depicting the horrible antics of […]


America should ban circus-animal acts

There’s mounting evidence that public pressure is causing circuses and other entertainment venues to stop using wild-animal acts as part of their “entertainment,” and what a good outcome that is. In the United States, more than 50 jurisdictions in 24 states have taken action to restrict the use of animals in circuses using trained animals. […]


Trump’s a liar – and that’s no lie

Donald Trump, “the Pinocchio of politicians,” just told his biggest lie. Last week in an interview, he let loose with this whopper: “All I do is tell the truth.” I heard that doozer during breakfast, choking on my toast while laughing. It was the day after Trump informed us President Barack Hussein (Trump’s cynical emphasis) […]

photo by Connor Kockler
The U.S. Bank Stadium is the new home of the Minnesota Vikings but will host other events. U.S Bank Stadium is owned and operated by the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, a local governmental unit of the State of Minnesota.

Banking on a new stadium for the Vikings

Like many others around me, I was anxious to catch a glimpse of the new U.S. Bank Stadium. Aug. 3 had come, and as a soccer fan, I was anticipating the world-class match-up that was Chelsea FC vs. AC Milan. After walking from our parking down several city blocks to the site, my father and […]

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Reader gives suggestions on how to navigate roundabouts

Gary Mayavski, Sartell This is in regards to Sharon Dwyer’s letter on the roundabouts in Sartell. I am 63 years old. If you want to call me a senior citizen, that’s fine. I have lived in Sartell for six years, and I love the roundabouts. Demographics has nothing to do with it. Have you seen […]