Some grandstanding legislators should get a job, a real job

Some Minnesota legislators should get a life. And a job. A real job. They are the ones who love to waste their time and our money on dumb legislative proposals. Their latest stunt is a bill that would require transgender people to use bathrooms that match the sex on their birth certificates. It’s the same […]


Fearless Tubman bumps Jackson off bill

It’s ironic – yet appropriate – that abolitionist Harriet Tubman bumped anti-abolitionist and slave-owner Andrew Jackson off the front of the $20 bill. In fairness, Jackson was a significant president, a frontier populist, but his legacy is marred by his despicable treatment of Native Americans of the Southeast. Tubman’s legacy, on the other hand, remains […]


There is no free stuff

Should college and university education be tuition-free? According to Bernie Sanders, it should be. Just recently, I heard of a youngster entering the workforce having just graduated from college sporting a student debt of $100,000. That, to me, is patently obscene. He’ll never be able to retire that debt. He would have been far better […]

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Litter shows disrespect toward gift of nature

Carol Schumann, Rice While out walking, I notice there is so much garbage and litter in our country’s ditches. This seems to me a disrespectful attitude toward what God has entrusted us to take care of. God created this beautiful world for us to enjoy. It’s a gift given to us. Let us all do […]

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Sartell school district sees benefits of referendum

Lesa Kramer, Sartell It seems like it was just yesterday my husband and I had the opportunity to tour Oak Ridge Elementary the year it opened, as our son entered kindergarten that fall. During that tour, my husband and I were impressed with the conscious decisions that were made to build a facility that had […]

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Reader says vote yes in Sartell-St. Stephen bond referendum

Adam Heathcote, Sartell There is an important vote coming on May 24 for the future of our towns, our schools and our kids. As a proud graduate from the class of 2000, as a husband to a second-grade teacher, as a parent to two students within the district, as a board member of the Sartell-St. […]

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Sartell couple asks all to join in voting yes May 24

Sarah Hovda, Sartell I am writing to show my support of the Sartell-St. Stephen School Bond Election on May 24. My husband and I chose Sartell as our home when we moved to the area six years ago. When looking for a home, we knew we needed to be in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District. As former educators, […]

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Show Sabre pride; vote yes for school bond

Cindy and Ryan Fitzthum, Sartell We are writing to show our Sabre pride and share the reasons why we will be voting yes in the Sartell-St. Stephen School Bond Election on May 24. We are both proud Sartell High School graduates. Therefore, we know firsthand the value of the education we received from the top-notch […]