Thank you, Wetterlings, for sharing pain, hope

The Sept. 25 community memorial service hosted by the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph for Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted as a child from St. Joseph and killed in 1989, was a cathartic experience – a long-delayed cathartic experience – 26 years and 11 months delayed, to be exact. The service was, of course, very […]


Down, down, down with pop-up ads!

Is anybody anywhere as irritated as I am by pop-up ads? If so, please write me and share your annoyance, your outrage. Maybe, together, we can do something about them. They are reproducing worse than Tribbles in that classic Star Trek episode. Let’s unite, join forces and banish from the universe that dastardly pop-up practice once […]

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‘Could I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life?’

There it was again, that song. It always happens this time of year, the anniversary of my brother’s untimely demise. It’s inevitable that that song dances through my ears.  It was playing on the music machine at a local gin joint. Brother Don was an early genius and late bloomer in his personal life. He joined […]

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Community memorial service for Jacob was ‘incredible event’

Mayor Rick Schultz, St. Joseph The Jacob Wetterling Memorial Service was simply spectacular from beginning to end. Please accept my gratitude for everyone who helped pull off this incredible event. I cannot possibly thank everyone in this note. Nevertheless, I will highlight the incredible work of President Mary Hinton, the College of St. Benedict and the […]

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Council member clarifies her viewpoints

Amy Braig-Lindstrom, St. Joseph First, I want to thank the Newsleaders for, week after week, providing Sartell with a free, local newspaper. I would also like to specifically thank Dennis Dalman for his time and efforts in covering a wide variety of topics. However, a clarification is necessary. Here is what I actually said at the recent […]

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Thanks, for preserving city’s beauty

Amy Bergeron, Sartell This is a letter of gratitude. I want to say thanks to whoever considered sparing the life of a beautiful old oak tree when they laid the new south sidewalk on Second Street near Seventh Avenue S.  I am a bicycle commuter. I feel lifted up each time I pass by the […]

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Buckvold will provide strong voice for Central Minnesota

Jim Graeve, St. Joseph Anne Buckvold is running for the Minnesota Legislature in Senate District 13A and has as her motto “Buck the System.” What a great idea: Buck the System. The Minnesota Legislature failed to get its job done on time and still may require a “special session” to complete a funding bill for […]

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Let’s send Buckvold to St. Paul

Diana Klisch, St. Joseph It is no wonder we only see Anne Buckvold lawn signs across the city of St. (Joseph) and across our district. She cares, she is reasonable, she works hard and she gets things done. These are all qualities I would like to see reflected at our Minnesota Legislature. On the issue […]