See America first; see Minnesota first

Seventy-nine percent of Americans plan to take road trips this summer, an increase of 10 percent from last summer, according to the American Automobile Association.

Lower gas prices account for the increase, on average the lowest since 2005. Another reason is more people are discovering road trips can be less expensive, highly do-able and less logistically hectic than exotic vacations in faraway places.

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King’s plea for peace: ‘Can we all get along?’

Lately, I keep hearing in my memory Rodney King’s plea for peace: “Can we all get along?”

King was the Los Angeles cab driver tazed and beaten by police after a car chase one night in 1991. A video of the brutal incident sparked outrage. Later, when officers were acquitted, riots erupted and 53 people died.

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Gatsby – a great book recommendation

Recently, my language-arts class finished reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book is often cited as an American classic, and I consider it one of my favorite books of all time. This is for many reasons, most notably the story and message, which I think still resonates today.

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Readers says Trump is best president we’ve ever had

Nancy Schramel, Sartell

President Donald Trump is the best president we’ve ever had. He protects unborn babies from abortion by trying to stop Planned Parenthood from killing babies. He provided 28,000 more jobs. He doesn’t want any money by being president. He said he will take $1.

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Trump is still winning, albeit slower than hoped

Bob Grise, St. Joseph

The St. Joseph Newsleader got it wrong when it stated President Trump is digging himself a hole. No, that would be the Democrats. The Democrats have no message and now their Russia collusion story has proved to be all fiction, they are completely rudderless. The Newsleader claims Trump is acting erratically while at the same time telling us we will be harmed when Trump follows through on his campaign promises. What is erratic about following through on campaign promises? It’s refreshing!
Trump is an egomaniac out of control, says the Newsleader. Doesn’t that better describe President pen-and-a-phone Obama, who circumvented Congress on the Paris Accords and other matters?  Thankfully Trump pulled us out of that wealth-redistribution scheme. The Left claims Republicans are anti-science. No, we are anti bad-science. Many Republicans agree with MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen who said believing CO2 controls the climate is pretty close to believing in magic. Look at the St. Cloud climate records and you will see in the most recent 30-year average, seven months of the year have become warmer and five months cooler. It is a nationwide trend – summers slightly cooler, winters slightly warmer. If you believe mankind caused that, you would probably believe Trump is a Russian agent. FYI, the warmest year in St. Cloud was 1931.
With all the fake and slanted negative press Trump has received and with little help from his own party, it’s amazing Trump’s approval rating is now at a high point, 50 percent, says a new Rasmussen poll. Trump is still winning, albeit slower than we hoped, in his goal to grow the private sector and trim the bloated job-killing bureaucracy that’s so deeply entrenched in Washington, D.C.

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Give full support to HOT CARS Act

Despite constant warnings, children continue to die agonizing deaths while trapped in hot cars in the summer.

Now, at long last, there is a bill proposed that might – repeat, might – help stop these needless, horrifying deaths. The new bill, dubbed the “HOT CARS Act,” would require cars to be equipped with an alert system to notify the driver a passenger is in the back seat after the vehicle is turned off.

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Sartell shows its goodness in support for Kelly Orndorff

One of the hallmarks of a good city is how the people in it come together to treat someone in need.

And that is what the people of Sartell, a really good city, did recently. They organized; they came together; they generously donated auction items, money and time – all to make a very special day for Kelly Orndorff, the lovely young woman who became blind during surgery to remove a massive brain tumor.

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Cannibalism at sea harrowing, riveting

In the whaling days of the 19th Century, crew members on ships, fearing cannibals, steered clear of many an island.

That’s the grim irony at the heart of a non-fiction survival saga by Nathaniel Philbrick. In the Heart of the Sea tells the true story of cannibal-fearing men resorting to cannibalism themselves while stranded at sea for 90 days.

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