Iowa proves polling’s follies, reveals political kaleidoscope

If the Iowa Caucus Day proved anything, it’s that these annoying polls are about as accurate as horoscopes in the National Enquirer. Polls may gauge what is on prospective voters’ minds, but they rarely predict precisely who will actually go to vote and who they will vote for. That’s especially true of caucuses. For weeks […]

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His girlfriend wasn’t wowed by his sailboat savvy

(Dear Readers: In the Jan. 22 Newsleader, I, Dennis Dalman, wrote a column about neighbors and me doing dumb things and challenged readers to send in stories about their dumber moments. One reader, a St. Joseph resident, responded with the following essay, but he begged me not to use his name because, as he put […]


Patience, patience, patience my younger ones

I’m sure this has happened to you. You go to the grocery store and when you are finished you get into a checkout lane to pay and leave. Sometimes, like me, you get into the wrong lane. Just the other day I did it again. I got into the wrong lane for checkout. Things were […]

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Resident asks others to request full information on food labels

Mary Ann Graeve, St. Joseph As indicated in a very informative editorial in the Jan. 22 Newsleader, there is a growing effort being made by the large food industries to lobby congress for a law that would make food labeling of GMO’s illegal. If there is no harm to us eating these foods why would the industry want […]

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Resident has thoughts for vision of Sartell

Daryl Stevens, Sartell City council, please consider: • building an indoor track with basketball courts, with the track surrounding the courts on the same level, similar to Halenbeck Hall at St. Cloud State University. This could take the place of a city community center, which may save the city some money and attract more users. […]

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Council should rethink community center

Joe Perske, former mayor of Sartell As plans for the Sartell Community Center continue to appear before the Sartell City Council, the missed opportunity for a central location is becoming obvious. While the land has not yet been purchased and the shovels have not turned the soil on the looming $11-million community tragedy, I urge […]

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Resident thanks bowling program organizers

David J. Kroger, Sr., Sartell In our fast-paced society it’s good to know here in Sartell we can still enjoy the simple things in life. I’m referring to bowling. When most kids now sleep until noon on Saturdays, things are hopping at the Great River Bowl in Sartell. Their Saturday morning junior bowling program is […]


In milder winters, Minnesotans can forget dangers of cold

Once again, states out East have been hammered with severe blizzards – the kind more commonly experienced right here in Minnesota. We have been fortunate so far this winter, with very little snow and only five or six nights of below-zero temperatures. But let’s remind ourselves that winter is far from over and we could […]