First Lady Obama delivers a speech of great inspiration

A truly great speech transcends its time and place, and that is what a great speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama did last week in New Hampshire. It transcended its time, its place and it even transcended this nasty campaign season.

In her speech, Obama blasted comments made by Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, the obscene remarks aimed at women he made on a bus in a Hollywood parking lot in 2005. Her speech was also a rousing endorsement of Democrat Hillary Clinton and a rallying cry for every American to cast a vote.

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Dylan’s genius honored with Nobel Prize

We, Minnesotans, have another reason to be proud: Our very own local-kid-makes-good, Robert Allen Zimmerman, has just won the Nobel Prize for literature.

That kid, now 75, is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

He is the second Minnesotan to win the Nobel for literature, the first being that other major writer/eagle-eyed social observer – Sauk Centre-born novelist Sinclair Lewis.

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Mock election gives students a voice

With election day fast approaching, it’s easy to be discouraged. Many people I have talked to express concern over this election and whether we are voting for a lesser of two evils. There is also worry about whether later elections will continue this trend. As I have mentioned in previous columns, we as a society have access to more information than people could have imagined even a few decades ago. However, it seems the power of the Internet hasn’t helped us very much, considering the polarized state of our country right now.  There is some hope, however, for the future.

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Fitzthum solid choice for city council

Anna Gruber, Sartell

I recommend Ryan Fitzthum for Sartell City Council. I have had the opportunity to serve on the Sartell Planning Commission with Ryan and have observed firsthand his commitment to our city. Not only is Ryan committed to our city through the planning commission, but he is also a member of the Sartell Fire Department, Properties Task Force and joint Sartell Le-Sauk Planning Board, among many other service-oriented committees. Through these commitments, Ryan has displayed an incredible amount of dedication to Sartell. Also, he and his wife were born here and chose to come back to Sartell, work for local employers, raise their kids here and be active members of their city. Ryan will proudly serve us as a council member through his loyal commitment and dedication to making Sartell a truly great place to live, work and play.

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ToEditor-icon letter

Adhere to word limit for political letters

There is limit of 250 words to political-endorsement letters to the editor. Those longer than that will be edited to fit the limit.

In addition, each letter must be signed by the writer, with city of residence and phone number.

The last date on which political letters may be submitted is Friday, Oct. 28.

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Voting answers just a click away with mnvotes.org

There is usually a flurry of questions as every election time approaches:

  • Am I registered to vote?
  • I’ve never voted before so how and where do I register?
  • Where do I go to vote?
  • What if I want to vote early? How do I do it?
  • Which candidates will be on my ballot?
  • So . . . where do I call? How can I find the answers I need?

Well, please do not worry. Those questions – and more – are easily answered on one of the niftiest websites ever devised. It’s called mnvotes.org, which is the official site for the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State. The website is a kind of one-stop shop for anything to do with elections anywhere in the state.

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Humpty-Trumpty ready for final fall?

Humpy-Trumpty wants a big wall, Humpty-Trumpty will have a big fall . . .

The “locker-room talk” video last weekend was a bombshell to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Instead of defusing it with an apology that at least sounded heartfelt, Trump scowled at the camera with a face that looked like an icky-sticker on a bottle of rat poison. He then read a message, spitting out the words that had been hurriedly cobbled together by his panicky campaign staff. The so-called apology segued quickly into an “Ode to the Working People” and then to a “Declaration of War” against Bill and Hillary Clinton. And this time he wasn’t lying because two nights later there he sat in a conference room, showing off his new acquisitions – Bill’s former partners in adultery. Then he took to the debate stage (boxing ring) where, like a cornered dog, he sneered and snarled at Clinton for 90 minutes. It was a gleeful gloat fest for Hillary-haters.

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Social Security is dwindling for the next generation

Call it the silence of the old goats. You see, I should be dead by now. OK, I take full blame for the current condition of the American Dream. I’m ready to admit complete responsibility. No, it’s not a president and congress that are to blame. Talk about health care gone haywire, it’s all my fault. I can see the master plan falling apart. I have these images of what havoc I and my fellow baby boomers have created to disrupt the “people flow” by living way past our predicted departure age.

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