Despicable lunch shaming must cease now and forever

It’s called “lunch shaming,” and it’s one of the cruelest, most outrageous forms of punishment ever visited upon children.

And what’s disgusting is it’s happening in schools across America. The vile practice has to be stopped and stopped now. It shouldn’t take a panel of researchers and months if not years of study to determine if lunch shaming is good or bad. Anybody with even a smidgen of kindness will know lunch shaming is wrong, it’s despicable and no child should have to endure even one example of it.

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Sight of monarchs makes me happy, sad

Every time I see a monarch butterfly flutter past, I get a rush of happy nostalgia. But the nostalgia quickly turns into sadness for two reasons – sadness for my favorite brother, Michael, who died in his sleep 13 years ago; and sadness that monarchs might become extinct some day.

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Miracle League a great benefit for kids

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of reading an article in the Newsleaders about the Miracle League. It was very interesting, and I credit the reporter, Cori Hilsgen, and all of the people she interviewed for their great information about this special organization. I know of it well, and I would just like to share a little of my own experiences to tell everyone what a great service Miracle League does for deserving kids in our area.

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Resident protests water shut-off policy

Jeffrey Williams, St. Joseph

The City of St. Joseph has been disconnecting citizens’ water unconstitutionally without due process, using City Ordinance 401.12 to do so. This ordinance states the city can “discontinue service of any or all customers of the water system without notice.” I’m defending the citizens of St. Joseph’s rights to due process. U.S. Constitutional Amendment 5 states “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. . . ” Amendment 14 states similarly. Due process for this is laid out by MN Statute 325E.021, which states “A public utility as defined by section 216B.02, a municipality . . . shall, if that utility adopts a policy of imposing a charge or fee upon delinquent residential and farm accounts, provide that each billing shall clearly state the terms and conditions of any penalty . . .” The city has not disclosed any possibility of disconnection on water bills in the past. City Administrator Judy Weyrens oversees and directs all day-to-day operations of the city and, in my opinion, has violated the city’s Code of Conduct in Ordinance 209.

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Ice-cream man, you make our summer days special

Tara Wiese, Sauk Rapids

I was happy to read the story about Francis Gomes and his ice-cream truck in the May 12 Sartell-St. Stephen Newsleader.

My daughter, Kayla, always wanted to see an ice-cream truck like the one that visits the neighborhood of my sister and nieces in Fergus Falls. We live in Sauk Rapids.

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Gomes thanks community for support

Francis Gomes, Sartell

(This letter is in regard to the feature story headlined “Gomes brings ice cream, happiness to kids” in the May 19, 2017 edition.)

My family moved here in 1993. Since moving here, we have received a lot of support from others in the community. Without your support, I would not have been able to make the ice cream-truck business possible. It would have been very difficult to adjust to the new country without the help of our community members. My family and me are very happy and want to give something back to the community.

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Welcome to our Mighty Mississippi

It’s such a good thing that our Mighty Mississippi River right here in central Minnesota was chosen as the venue for the 2017 Governor’s Fishing Opener.

A good time to show off.

The fishing opener, which attracts media from far and wide, will shine the spotlight on the wonderful river, and it should remind us all, once again, what a great resource that magnificent river is.

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By plan or serendipity, life is richer with a dog

This week marks the seventh anniversary of my mother’s untimely death. And previously at this time of year, while others were planning their Mother’s Day weekends with their families, I would avoid all the sappy TV commercials like the plague, feeling profoundly sad, angry and bitter. Both sets of my grandparents had lived into their 90s so I always thought my mother would follow suit. You see, my mother wasn’t only my mother, she was my best friend, my mentor, my cheerleader – the one who lifted me up. Life is a lot emptier without her in it.

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