Heroes, forces for good, save the day once again

In this sometimes dark and frightening world, it’s important to remind ourselves every now and then of the forces for good that keep popping up here, there and everywhere. This past week, such good reminders abounded. First off, locally, there was the fundraising golf event for the Tom Bearson Foundation. Despite threatening weather, more than […]


Has your shower door exploded lately?

Some people, including me, still think of showers as spooky places after having seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho 55 years ago. To this day, when I grab and close the shower curtain, I flash back to that shocking murder scene with its shriek-shriek-shriek soundtrack. I don’t get scared, but I think of it. Well, there’s a […]


I will not seek nor will I accept…

After much conversation with my family and due consideration of the work involved, I have decided not to announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I understand this may come as a shock and even a disappointment to many of you. My decision is, however, final. I will use […]

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College and city plan to continue to work together

Mary Dana Hinton, President, College of St. Benedict Rick Schultz, Mayor, City of St. Joseph During the course of the past year, Mayor Schultz and President Hinton have had many opportunities to work together. We are pleased to share with our local community that the College of St. Benedict and the City of St. Joseph […]


Let’s all put a stop to distracted driving

An appalling statistic shows deaths due to distracted driving in Minnesota are rapidly gaining on the number of deaths due to drunken driving. The recent charges brought against a 25-year-old Prior Lake woman should give us all pause. She is accused of distracted driving when her vehicle struck and killed a 40-year-old bicyclist in Glencoe […]


‘Vertigo’ reigns supreme on my movie list

There’s been another “100 Best American Movies” list just released, this one solicited by the British Broadcast Corp. from 63 international film critics. As a long-time movie buff and occasional movie critic since my high-school newspaper days, these best-movies lists always interest me. The new list is interesting because the critics were asked to name […]

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America needs Planned Parenthood

On Aug. 6, the Grand Old Party (otherwise known as the Republican Party) held its first debate in Cleveland, Ohio. As a woman, I found the debate regarding abortion to be appalling. It comes as no surprise, however, that the field of GOP contenders is strictly anti-abortion. These candidates for the Republican Party have terrifying, […]

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Accountability, transparency fail in city

Henry Smorynski, Sartell It’s become common in public affairs and governmental actions for citizens to expect both transparency and accountability for decisions affecting them. Recent actions of the City of Sartell’s administration and the majority of its city council have violated transparency and accountability. They reflect a dramatic violation of public trust. They depend far […]