Google will not develop artificial intelligence for oil

Google will no longer develop custom AI tools to accelerate oil and gas extraction, the company reported Tuesday, taking distance from its cloud computing rivals Microsoft and Amazon. The announcement was made... Read more »

Alaska records its warmest month ever

July was the hottest month in Alaska , according to the United States National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Sea ice melted, fish from the Bering Strait swam in temperatures... Read more »

Workers who went to Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania were told they had to attend, use their vacations or not receive payment

Workers at the Pennsylvania petrochemical plant, where President Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday, were told that if they did not attend the event, they had to use their vacations or not receive... Read more »

US Government proposes to collect DNA samples from migrants in custody

The Justice Department announced Monday officially is proposing a new rule that authorizes the Department of Homeland Security United States (DHS) to collect DNA samples from the migrants in their custody. The... Read more »

Republicans’ protest interrupts impeachment testimony

On Wednesday, at least two dozen Republican representatives made their way to the room, where three House of Representatives committees have been conducting a probe into the Ukrainian case for a few... Read more »

White House refuses to cooperate with “unconstitutional” investigation

In an eight-page vitriolic letter sent Tuesday to Democratic leaders, the White House said it would not cooperate in their investigation of the Ukrainian case. If there were any doubts as to... Read more »

Trump communication reportedly at center of whistleblower complaint

The acting head National Intelligence refuses to share with a committee of the House of Representatives the complaint of a whistleblower. According to several US media, the denunciation targets President Trump. House... Read more »