Deaths in Italy exceed the death rate

The Italian government reported that during March and April there was a surplus of 46,909 deaths compared to the country’s normal death rate, according to a new report that believes most could... Read more »

Massive Drop In Smart Phone Sales

The global market for ‘smartphones’ has experienced a decrease of 13% compared to the previous year, according to data from the first quarter of 2020, which means sales below 300 million units.... Read more »

German firm begins testing possible virus vaccine

German pharmaceutical company BioNTech said today that it has started testing a possible coronavirus vaccine in volunteers. The 12 participants in the clinical trial in Germany received doses of the possible BNT162... Read more »

Who owns the Amazon?

The leaders of the planet will meet over the next few days in New York to discuss major global issues. The Amazon rain forest that burns must concern us all, according to... Read more »

US bank cancels credit card debts of Canadian customers

A US bank has decided to cancel all credit card debts of its Canadian customers as part of a withdrawal from this market. New York-based Chase Bank announced it was canceling all... Read more »

US Government proposes to collect DNA samples from migrants in custody

The Justice Department announced Monday officially is proposing a new rule that authorizes the Department of Homeland Security United States (DHS) to collect DNA samples from the migrants in their custody. The... Read more »

Ortis had “devastating” information that can damage Canada and its allies

The secret information that was in the hands of the alleged RCMP spy, Cameron Ortis, is likely to cause “devastating” damage to Canada and its allies, according to documents consulted by CBC.... Read more »

Republicans’ protest interrupts impeachment testimony

On Wednesday, at least two dozen Republican representatives made their way to the room, where three House of Representatives committees have been conducting a probe into the Ukrainian case for a few... Read more »

White House refuses to cooperate with “unconstitutional” investigation

In an eight-page vitriolic letter sent Tuesday to Democratic leaders, the White House said it would not cooperate in their investigation of the Ukrainian case. If there were any doubts as to... Read more »

Trump communication reportedly at center of whistleblower complaint

The acting head National Intelligence refuses to share with a committee of the House of Representatives the complaint of a whistleblower. According to several US media, the denunciation targets President Trump. House... Read more »