Mental illness: more talk, less stigma

Mental illnesses are as common as silver cars, as people with brown eyes and more common than being left-handed. Despite being one of the most common illnesses, there still is a stigma attached to mental illnesses and many people struggle with talking about them. Most people will wait an average of 10 years before seeking treatment, largely due to the stigma. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to start talking about mental illnesses and what we can do to Make it OK.

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Observe Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month by learning about treatments

by Julia Schopick

In light of National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month which is observed throughout the entirety of March, author Julia Schopick points to a rare yet proven treatment for autoimmune diseases that could save both lives and lower healthcare costs. The break-through treatment, Low Dose Naltrexone, is still an unknown to a vast majority of doctors and patients. However, for those suffering with autoimmune diseases, it is the best hope yet.

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Beloved hunting dog impaled on steel fence post is on the mend

A 3-year-old German wirehaired pointer is recovering at BluePearl Veterinary Partners hospital after a steel fence post pierced his chest while he was retrieving a pheasant.

The accident occurred during a hunting trip near Miller, S.D., after Tim Ramler shot a pheasant with his 12-gauge shotgun. Blitz, his hunting dog, went bolting toward the bird. But just 20 yards into his full-out sprint, the 60-pound dog spun around and fell in the grass. Blood covered his belly.

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Five things to know about MNsure open enrollment

With the 2016 open enrollment period beginning Nov. 1, MNsure is reminding Minnesotans about five things they should keep in mind when shopping and comparing health-insurance-coverage options for themselves or their family.

MNsure can save you money

Earlier this month, the Minnesota Department of Commerce released 2016 individual health-insurance-market premiums. These premiums are increasing between 14-49 percent on average. With an increase in premium, it’s important for Minnesotans to remember MNsure is the only place to qualify for financial help that can lessen, or in some cases completely eliminate these large premium increases.

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