Joe Perske good fit for commissioner

Amy Braig-Lindstrom, St. Joseph

This election season, the best races are non-partisan. On Tuesday, vote for Joe Perske for Stearns county commissioner. In the decade I have known Joe, he has consistently exhibited the characteristics that will serve us well. Joe is experienced, passionate, dedicated, personable, persistent and approachable. I served on the Sartell City Council with Joe, and both my children had him as a physical-education teacher. I have witnessed first-hand his loyalty to his job, his various roles in the community, as well as to his family. I am confident Joe will continue to bring his passion to the table. Joe Perske is, hands down, the best man for the job. Vote Joe Perske for Stearns county commissioner.

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Four vie for two open seats on Sauk Rapids council

Four candidates will vie for two open seats on the Sauk Rapids City Council this November. They are the following: Merle Gales, Steve Heinen, Nicholas Sauer and Layne Schmitz. Three of the four submitted questionnaires sent out by the Newsleaders. Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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We have met the enemy . . .

by Dave DeMars

There is no two ways about it – The Donald (as in Trump) tests the tolerance quotient of those on the left. He is offensive. Offensive to women. Offensive to Mexicans. Offensive to war heroes. Offensive to LGBT individuals. Practically any group or class of people in American society has felt the sting of stupid words Donald says.

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Please vote for Chisum, Held in city council race; they will listen, work for all

Zurya Anjum, Sartell

During the past 18 months, there has been a lot of unpleasantness in our city regarding building a community center, which should have been a happy decision for all. However, the Sartell City Council’s decision about the location of it has divided our community into factions.

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District 13 needs a drastic change in leadership if we want to see progress

Jim Graeve, St. Joseph

The Republican Party has often reminded us that government should be run more like a business. Well, a good business finds a replacement if a provider does not deliver the product or service it promised.

We in Senate District 13, the area from Paynesville to Sartell, have a chance to replace Sen. Michelle Fischbach, Rep. Jeff Howe and Rep. Tim O’Driscoll, all Republicans who failed to give us a transportation bill.

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Fitzthum meets expectations to serve on council, wants collective success

Amy Trombley, Sartell

I proudly support Ryan Fitzthum for election to the Sartell City Council. Ryan has a history of civic engagement and serving our city. Ryan and I had the opportunity to work together on the Community Schools Planning Committee that supported the vision and direction of the Sartell-St. Stephen School District’s facilities plan. Ryan respectfully listened to ideas, worked to understand the issues facing the district and engaged in meaningful conversations. Ryan even took it upon himself to hold a neighborhood education session about the referendum. His initiative shows his willingness to reach out to others, have open communications and to educate the community at-large about issues that impact our residents. Ryan has demonstrated his ability to work with our school district while supporting city infrastructure, safety and fiscal responsibility, which will be key as the district moves forward with facility planning and establishing programs for our next generation of learners.

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Do your homework, get the facts and vote NO on the District 742 levy request

Tom Hell, St. Joseph

Faye Dyson, St. Cloud

Before you let the school board and special-interest groups flood you with false information about the pending levy, investigate the real facts about the levy. All of us are bombarded with half-truths and lies by omission all propagated by highly-paid administrators and lawyers who play word games. The rhetoric about your property value is laughable. That was made up by a drunk realtor at an after-hours bar. Fact is, no one wants to buy a house with a high property-tax bill. The only one that likes that concept is the county assessor. If you listen to the propaganda, you are left with the feeling if you don’t support the levy, you hate children and teachers and may well be guilty of spitting on the sidewalk.

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Bromenschenkel is best choice for commissioner, a proven, experienced leader

John Krehbiel, Sartell

As a fellow public servant, serving as a LeSauk Township supervisor, I endorse Mark Bromenschenkel as Stearns County commissioner. Since his first election to the county board, Mark has worked hard for the people of Stearns County. During the last four years, he has helped to reduce taxes, county debt levels by 32 percent, payroll growth by $1.1 million per year, and each department has consistently come in under budget.

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