Cost of roundabout landscaping outrageous

Nancy Schramel, Sartell

Three cheers for Mike Chisum, Sartell city council member, who seems to be the only one in Sartell governing that is looking out for the taxpaying citizens of the city.

$80,000 for just the landscaping of two roundabouts is outrageous as you drive around the city on all the roads that need repair, and which have for a long time. What is wrong with grass and a few small trees, as some people have suggested.

The mayor and the other council members who approved this money are working for us. They are there to do what is best for its people, save them money wherever they can. The mayor says we need to do this to impress visitors. I agree with Chisum, roundabouts are not tourist attractions; they are traffic tools.

I think if enough Sartell citizens let the city hall know how they feel, it may make a difference. Our taxes have just been raised to pay for a new school. The city hall number is 320-253-2171.

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