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MARCH 20, 2017


The regular school board meeting of Independent School District 748 was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Chair Michelle Meyer. Members present: Meyer; Jason Nies, vice chair; Pam Raden, clerk; Patrick Marushin, treasurer; Mary McCabe, director; and Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent. Members absent: Lesa Kramer, director.

A motion was made by Nies and seconded by McCabe to APPROVE THE AGENDA WITH THE FOLLOWING AMENDMENTS added to resignations – Ken Brady. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Raden and seconded by Nies to APPROVE CONSENT ITEMS A-D AS PRESENTED BELOW. All in favor. Motion carried.

a. Minutes of the regular school board meeting held on Feb. 27, 2017

Minutes of the board work session held on March 6, 2017

Minutes of the board work session held on March 9, 2017

b. Checks in the amount of $1,911,140.20 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                1,525,867.58

Food Service Fund                                                                          140,338.61

Transportation Fund                                                                    125,832.52

Community Service Fund                                                             38,494.54

Capital Expenditure Fund                                                            70,554.13

Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                            10,052.82

Check numbers 167167 – 167423

Receipts in the amount of $3,672,467.59 as presented:

General Fund                                                                3,248,754.90

Food Service Fund                                                                          164,720.47

Transportation Fund                                                                          3,432.74

Community Service Fund                                                          105,035.95

Capital Expenditure Fund                                                               1,198.99

Building Fund                                                                                       68,097.41

Debt Service Fund                                                                             47,752.13

Scholarship Trust Fund                                                                     3,700.00

Summer Rec Agency Fund                                                            29,775.00

Receipts 43049 – 43150

Wire transfers in the amount of $132,865.49 as presented:

General Fund                                                                                    125,772.42

Food Service Fund                                                                                4,696.04

Community Service Fund                                                                2,397.03

Wire transfers 201600063-201600068

Building Fund Checks in the amount of $360,748.72 as presented:

Building Fund                                                                                    360,748.72

Check numbers 600034 to 600039

c. Accept the following donations: Knights of Columbus Sartell Council #5276, Sartell-St. Stephen School District – ISD 748, $392.00, Early Childhood Special Education; Pine Meadow PTO, District 748 – Pine Meadow Elementary, $326.48, beverages for PME Bingo night; Pine Meadow PTO, District 748 – Pine Meadow Elementary, $6,932.15, traverse climbing wall; Sabres All Sport Booster Club, Sartell High School, $1,554.53, spring strength coach.

d. Accept the resignation of Ken Brady, SHS, social studies, 6/5/17; Kaylee Heinen, ORE, student supervisor, 3/24/17; Bridget Kuhl, SHS, language arts, 6/5/17; Megan Lindbloom, SMS, student supervisor, 3/8/17; Sandra Robatcek, SHS, cashier, 3/31/17.

Student Representative Report: Nicholas Juntunen, student representative

  • Juntunen reported on happenings around the district. Oak Ridge and Pine Meadow held their Spring Music Concerts in addition to kicking off their “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser. The Middle School Academic Triathalon and Math Count teams finished great seasons and eighth-graders were invited to GREAT Night last Friday. The High School Student Council held the annual FunFest which raised more than $3,000. The annual SHS blood drive produced 87 pints of blood. Winter sports and activities are wrapping up a great season and the band/choir concerts start this week for students.

Architect Report on Building Process:

  • Architect Dave Leapaldt, Senior Project Manager Robbie Schultz, Engineer Jay Vogle and Senior Estimator Dan Folsum gave an update on the building process and current site plan covering bid packages 1, 2 and 3.

Superintendent Report: Jeff Schwiebert, superintendent

  • Superintendent Schwiebert reported the Pinecone Park Board and Sartell Baseball Association are working to rehabilitate Champion Field and wants the Outreach Committee to review a grant opportunity from the Twins Community Fund.

School Board Committee Report:

  • Treasurer Patrick Marushin reported on the Steering Committee meetings on Feb. 28 and March 9 and Finance and Operations Committee meeting on Feb. 23.
  • Clerk Pam Raden reported on the recent SEE Meeting.
  • Chair Michelle Meyer reported on the Benton Stearns Committee and Senior Connection meetings she attended.

Student Enrollment Report:

  • Superintendent Schwiebert reported on current enrollment numbers.

2015-16 Minnesota Student Survey Results:

  • Marie Pangerl, assessment coordinator; Natalie Marcussen, MS – social worker; and Shannon Zinken, MS counselor presented the 2015-16 Minnesota Student Survey Results.

Emergency Response Training Update:

  • Krista Durrwachter, director of human resources, reported on upcoming changes to the District’s Emergency Response Plan.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Nies to APPROVE #1-14:

New Employees/Changes:

Kyle Grote, SMS, junior high boys golf, $1,645 (4.5 percent), BS1 ($36,559), replacing Tyler Malotky, 4/1/2017; Kaylee Heinen, Early Childhood, child-care attendant, $13.73/hour, R1, S1, 3.25 hours, Monday, additional hours as needed, 3/6/2017; Jason Huschle, SHS, assistant boys golf, $2,756 (7.35 percent), BS2 ($37,496), replacing Eric Peckskamp, 3/20/2017; Anne Jensen, SMS, junior high speech, $1,645 (4.5 percent), BS1 ($36,559), replacing Lindsay Vernier, 12/20/2016; Alyssa Kasella, Early Childhood, child-care attendant, $13.73/hour, R1, S1, three hours/day, Tuesday/Thursday and 5.5 hours/day, Friday, replacing Tressa Zimmerman, 3/14/2017; Alyssa Kasella, Early Childhood, ECSE para, $16.26/hour, RIV, S1, three hours/day, Wednesday, new position, 3/14/2017; Jessica Kinkaid, ORE, student supervisor, $13.73/hour, RI, S1, two hours/day, replacing Carla Swanson, 3/13/2017; Nick Kirick, SHS, head boys lacrosse, $3,562 (9.5 percent), BS2 ($37,496), replacing Roy Snyder, 4/3/2017; Mary Knellwolf, Early Childhood, ECSE para, $16.26/hour, RIV, S1, three hours/day, Monday and Wednesday, replacing Tressa Zimmerman, 3/6/2017; Angela Kroska, SHS, color guard, $1,225 (3.35 percent), BS1 ($36,559), replacing Stacy Karolus, 3/1/2017; Andrew Lindner, SHS, assistant boys lacrosse, $1,526 (8.35 percent), BS1 ($36,559), (50-percent contract), replacing Ian Cochran, 4/3/2017; Noel Meyer, SMS, junior high track, $1,645 (4.5 percent), BS 1 ($36,559), replacing Matt Darling, 3/21/2017; Patrisha Rice, PME, SPED para, $16.26/hour, RIV, S1, 6.25 hours/day, replacing Brittany Ranck, 3/13/2017; Jeff Rutten, SHS, assistant boys lacrosse, $1,565 (8.35 percent), BS2 ($37,496), (50-percent contract), contract reduced, 4/3/2017.

Leaves of Absence:


All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by McCabe and seconded by Raden to APPROVE RESOLUTION ALLOWING POTENTIAL BUDGET ADJUSTMENTS. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Nies and seconded by McCabe to APPROVE ADOPTION OF POLICY 427. All in favor. Motion carried.


Schedule Work Session and Committee Meetings:

  • Special Board Meeting to Approve Bids at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at the District Service Center Board Room
  • Schedule Finance and Operations Committee Meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the District Service Center Board Room.
  • The Regular Board Meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, April 17  St. Stephen City Hall.

Committee assignments were reviewed.

School Board Committees 2017:

Policy – Kramer, Marushin, McCabe

Finance/Operations – Marushin, McCabe, Nies

Negotiations – Meyer (Marushin)

Facilities – Entire Board @ this time

High School Steering Committee – Marushin, Nies, Raden

Communications – Meyer, Raden

Technology – Nies, Raden

Community Outreach – Meyer, Raden

Curriculum Instruction Advisory – Marushin, Meyer

BSED Board – Meyer

SEE – Raden

Stearns County Collaborative Board – Meyer

SPED Advisory Board – Marushin

Sartell Senior Connection – Meyer

Drug Free Coalition – Kramer

Community Education Advisory Council – Kramer

The board took a five-minute recess at 7:26 p.m. The meeting resumed at 7:31 p.m.

A motion was made by Marushin and seconded by Nies TO CLOSE THE MEETING FOR NEGOTIATIONS STRATEGY PURSUANT TO MN STAT. 13D.03. All in favor. Motion carried. Business Director Steve Wruck and Human Resources Director Krista Durrwachter were invited to join the discussion.

A motion was made by Nies and seconded by McCabe at 8:06 p.m. TO OPEN THE MEETING. All in favor. Motion carried.

A motion to ADJOURN THE MEETING AT 8:07 p.m. was made by Nies and seconded by Raden. All in favor. Motion carried.

/s/ Pamela Raden, clerk

Publish: April 21, 2017





TIME AND PLACE: Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Sartell, Minnesota, will meet in the council chambers of the City Hall at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 8, 2017, to consider the construction of the following improvements, to‑wit: Street lights within the Daybreak development.

NATURE OF IMPROVEMENT: The addition of street lights within the Daybreak development.

ESTIMATED COST: The total estimated cost of said improvements is $51,500. A reasonable estimate of the impact of the assessments affecting your property will be available at the meeting.

AREA PROPOSED TO BE ASSESSED: The area proposed to be assessed for such improvements is as follows: Each of the 40 platted lots within the Daybreak development.

AUTHORITY: The Council proposes to proceed under the authority granted by Chapter 429 M.S.A.

Such persons as desire to be heard with reference to the proposed improvements will be heard at this meeting. Written or oral objections will be considered. A reasonable estimate of the impact of the assessments will be available at this meeting.

DATED: April 10, 2017.


/s/ Mary Degiovanni

City Administrator

Publish: April 21 and 28, 2017

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