Student Spotlight: Schneider excels at academics and dance

by Cori Hilsgen

Cathedral High School graduate Tess Schneider was recently named one of the school’s top ten students for academic performance. During her senior year she also excelled at dance. Schneider received an All-Academic All-State Award and was one of 12 dancers named to the All- Tournament Team at the High School State Dance Tournament at the Target Center.

Two members of each team that finals at the state tournament are picked by their coaches to be on the All-Tournament Team. “To final” means the team has made it into the top six teams of the top 12 that advanced to state.

Schneider is the 18-year-old daughter of Joanne and Kurt Schneider. She has four siblings –  Josh, 35; Kris, 33; Meg, 16; and Sam, 13.

Fun Facts about Schneider:

Favorite subject: Math

“There is one exact answer,” Schneider said. “You either get it wrong or right.”

Activities she is involved with:

Students Against Drunk Driving, Optimist Club, National Honor Society, Culinary Club and the Cathedral Dance Team. Schneider was captain of the dance team this year.

“I was captain with three other girls this year,” Schneider said. “We were there to lead the team and keep them all on task. Our team had an average age of 14.7 and the majority of our team was freshmen. There were lots of new girls this year, and I enjoyed sharing my experiences on the team and teaching them what I have learned over the years.”

Schneider also volunteers at the St. Cloud Hospital.

“It’s a really fun place to volunteer,” Schneider said. “If you want to volunteer somewhere, I suggest there.”

Favorite leisure activity:

Schneider enjoys baking and hanging out with friends.

“We like to make brownies with cookie dough on top,” she said.

Favorite movie:

“I like Gone with the Wind,” Schneider said. “The book was good, too.”

Favorite music: Country

“I love listening to country, especially in the summer,” she said.

Favorite restaurant: Chipotle

“I love Mexican food,” she said.

Favorite food: The Java Chunk Fappuccino at Starbucks.

Favorite thing she likes to help other people do:

“I work for ARISE, so I would have to say helping children with disabilities participate in their summer and after-school activities,” Schneider said.

Favorite quote:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

What is one of the hardest obstacles she has had to overcome in the school environment?

“Learning to not be frustrated with new material I don’t understand,” Schneider said. “You just have to listen and ask questions.”

Favorite technology device:

“My laptop – I can watch Netflix and do homework on it,” she said.

Does she like using technology at school?

“Not really,” Schneider said. “If I need to use a computer it usually means I have to take a test or write a paper.”

What is the biggest challenge students face today?

“I think it’s time management,” Schneider said. “It’s hard to not procrastinate and leave projects until the last minute.”

What she wants to do when she graduates:

“I hope to be a doctor and help those with special needs,” she said.

Something she would change if she could:

“I would make the snow in Minnesota only last through December,” Schneider said. “Then it should be warm.”

What she would like to be doing five years from now:

“I hope I am in medical school and participating in research,” she said.

What she would do if she won $1 million and was asked to donate all of it:

“I would donate it to United Cerebral Palsy,” Schneider said. “They do a lot for kids like my sister who has Cerebral Palsy.”

An interesting experience she had in St. Joseph:

“When I was attending St. Joe Lab School, which is now All Saints Academy, I was in the school’s float for the 4th of July festival,” Schneider said. “I got to see what it was like to be in the parade instead of just watching it.”

The thing she likes best about St. Joseph:

“Wherever you go in St. Joseph, there is most likely someone you know there,” she said.

contributed photo Tess Schneider was named to the All-Tournament Team at the High School State Dance Tournament at the Target Center.

contributed photo

Tess Schneider was recently named one of Cathedral High School’s top ten students. During her senior year she was also named to the All-Tournament Team at the High School State Dance Tournament at the Target Center.


Cori Hilsgen

Cori Hilsgen

Hilsgen is a contributing reporter for the Newsleaders. The central Minnesota native is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and Communication from Concordia University – St. Paul, MN and enjoys learning about and sharing other people's stories through the pages of the Newsleaders.
Cori Hilsgen
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