News St. Joseph — 24 April 2014
ASA celebrates National Nutritional Awareness Week

by Cori Hilsgen

All Saints Academy students recently celebrated National Nutritional Awareness week March 24-28 by assisting food-service coordinator Mary Kay Pelkey with serving fresh fruits and vegetables during lunch last week.

On Tuesday, kindergarteners prepared and served yellow apples and kiwi. On Wednesday, first-graders served broccoli and white and purple cauliflower. Second-graders served a fruit salad made of mangos, star fruit, plantains, red bananas and blood orange on Thursday. On Friday, third-graders offered a salad bar of lettuce, spinach, peas, cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, croutons and carrots.

“It was literally a ‘hands on’ activity for our primary students, and all students benefited from the experience,” Betty Pundsack said. “We hope to continue finding ways to make STEM an integral part of our campus. Thanks to Mary Kay for assisting with the events of this week. She even had paper food-service hats for each of the students who worked in the lunch line and the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Staff at the ASA St. Joseph campus continue to work toward recognition as a STEM school, and teachers applied science to the nutrition lessons.

ASA primary teachers attended science workshops and applied what they learned at those workshops with kindergarten through third-grade students, lessons about nutrition, food portions and food types.

Math lessons will also be applied by creating a survey to gather students’ reactions and opinions on the healthy choices.

contributed photo
All Saints Academy third-grade students served salad bar options during National Nutritional Awareness Week March 24-28. Third-grade students (left to right) are Jack Loso, Clara Schleper, Jackson Phillipp, Bree Muske and Taylor Schaefer.

contributed photo
ASA Kindergarten students Kolten Harren (left) and Catherine Colberg served fresh fruit on Tuesday of National Nutritional Awareness Week.

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