Weather closes schools again

For the fourth time this winter, schools in the St. Cloud School District, including Kennedy Community School, and also the private schools of All Saints Academy, the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, were closed because of bitterly cold, snowy and windy weather.

School was cancelled for two consecutive days, Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 27 and 28, when wind-chill temperatures dipped to 40-below zero and even lower at times. Schools were also closed Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 6 and 7 for the same weather-related reasons.

Friday, Jan. 17 was a make-up day for students. The school board has also designated Monday, April 21 and Friday, May 30 as a make-up day.

Throughout the months of December and January, two of the coldest months in Minnesota history, there were frequent closings and cancellations not only of schools but also of events, meetings and activities throughout central Minnesota and elsewhere.

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