Baby dolls bring instant delight to elderly

by Dennis Dalman

Two newborn babies, Ruby and Jack, continue to warm the hearts of residents and staff at Country Manor in Sartell.

Residents hold the babies, feed the babies, burp the babies, coo at the babies.

The babies, however, are not real. They are dolls. But they are dolls so lifelike that people who see them always do a double-take, wondering how in the world could a doll take on the very looks and essence of a genuine flesh-and-blood baby.[...]   Read More -->

Sisters celebrate 150th anniversary

by Cori Hilsgen

The Sisters from the Order of St. Benedict recently celebrated its 150th anniversary of moving from St. Cloud to St. Joseph. The nuns recently hosted parishioners to cinnamon rolls and coffee at a post-Mass reception in the Church of St. Joseph Heritage Hall. Two nuns shared how they joined the convent.[...]   Read More -->

Red-kettle donations down for this time of year

by Dennis Dalman

When people see Salvation Army bell-ringers standing in front of area stores, they often think of holiday presents for the needy or of aid during natural disasters.

Most probably do not think – or know about – the following reasons for the Salvation Army red-kettle donations:[...]   Read More -->

Grinch has change of heart, returns figurines

There is at least one mean-spirited grinch up to no good in St. Joseph this pre-Christmas season. But there is hope, because the grinch or grinches apparently had a change of heart.

The figurines of Mary, Joseph and three sheep were stolen from the traditional nativity scene in front of St. Joseph Catholic Church. They were taken sometime Thursday, Dec. 5, according to the church’s pastor, the Rev. Jerome Tupa. On Thanksgiving Day, a figurine of a shepherd was also stolen, Tupa noted. And a shepherd, a cow and a donkey were noticed missing last Tuesday, Dec. 3, said Sandra Scholz, the church’s business manager.[...]   Read More -->

‘Man behind camera’ honored by city council

by Dennis Dalman

Ted Venske, the official Sartell City Council videographer, was honored Monday night by council members for his three years of dedicated videotaping.

Mayor Joe Perske thanked him for all the work he’s done and presented him with a gift certificate to Coborn’s.[...]   Read More -->

Local authors write ‘Dance with the Elephant’ book

by Cori Hilsgen

With a title like “Dance with the Elephant: Life’s Cosmic Equation,” readers might wonder what they are going to be reading when they pick up this book, but they will soon find their interest piqued.[...]   Read More -->

Concerns grow about safety on Pinecone Road South

by Dennis Dalman

There are increasing concerns about pedestrian and motorist safety on Pinecone Road S., and the Sartell City Council is determined to do something about it.

In recent years, that area has grown increasingly into two functions at its southernmost portion: residential to the west of the road, business to the east (especially in the Pinecone Marketplace mall area.)[...]   Read More -->

All Saints Academy to present ‘Legend of the Christmas King’

by Cori Hilsgen

Students have been busy practicing their songs for the story that revolves around Artaban (Artie) as he travels to Bethlehem in search of the newborn King of Kings. Along the way he is joined by an angel, Mortimer, who helps him. During the journey they meet some people who are in need, and Artie misses the birth of Jesus but learns about the importance of helping others.[...]   Read More -->