How would you rate Sartell city services?

The City of Sartell is inviting all residents to fill in the 2013 Citizen Feedback Survey as to how they are satisfied (or not satisfied) with key city services. The deadline to take the survey is Nov. 15. The results will be published on the city’s website shortly after that deadline date.

Responses will let city officials and staff know which services need improvement – and why.

Survey respondents remain anonymous. To take the survey, go to

There are 10 questions on the survey, asking respondents to rate the following: overall appearance of the city; overall feeling of safety in the city; overall quality of fire protection; overall condition of city streets; overall quality of snowplowing; overall dependability and overall quality of sanitary-sewer service; overall dependability and quality of the city’s water supply; overall quality of city recreational programs and facilities (e.g. parks, trails, park facilities and more); and overall quality of services provided by the city.

For each of those questions, respondents are asked to rate them as one of the following ratings: Don’t Know, Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent.

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