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Reader scolds Newsleader for liberal views

Bob Grise, St Joseph
Another week passes, and another scolding by the Newsleader lands in our mailboxes, led by that Keith Olbermann wanna-be, Dennis Dalman.
The Propaganda Leader, oops, Newsleader, would now have us believe all good Democrats thought it wise that public workers be allowed to collectively bargain. Such Hooey.  “All government employees should realize the process of collective bargaining, cannot be transplanted into the public service.” Says who? Says many, but the specific quote is from President Franklin Roosevelt. FDR, the patron saint of unions, opposed government unions because the workers in effect elect their bosses.  Municipal bankruptcies are on the rise due to these cozy arrangements. President Roosevelt recognized working for the taxpayers was a privilege, and not a civil right!
In the OlberDalman view, asking for ID before you vote equals suppression, (renting a movie requires ID, so I must be suppressed). The Propaganda Leader claim “there is no voter fraud.” For Pete’s sake, we have it right in our own backyard. Google the Wall Street Journal story called “Mischief in Minnesota” on how Al Franken got elected. The left benefits from voter fraud. That is why they vehemently smear anybody who wants to do something about it. It’s an “all out assault against women’s reproductive rights,” says Dalman.  Hyperbole or hot air? It’s both. Editor Dalman, attempts to educate us that corporations are not people. Then what are they?  A herd of goats?  The left simply doesn’t want an organized opposition to their pro-big government, anti-business, (read anti-job) agenda.
Dalman is right we have seen a trend of the rich owning a greater share of the nation’s assets but it is a direct result of big government policies promoted by Obama and his ilk. All labor has dignity says Martin Luther King.  But Obama says I will put two people on food stamps for every job I create!! OK, he didn’t say that but that is what has happened. In the past five years the poor stayed poor, the rich stayed rich, and many in the middle class have moved down.  The worker participation rate is at a 34-year low! That is Obama’s baby, not George Bush’s. That baby is now entering Kindergarten with no change foreseen, meaning no tax cuts coming that led to the Kennedy and Reagan booms, no Keystone pipeline, (a jobs bonanza) which would/help get us get off Middle East oil, the job-killing Obamacare is still on track, plus a host of new federal regulations enacted by Obama and his pals has caused industry to downsize or move overseas. Over regulation caused great job loss In the copper mining, steel, textile, furniture, coal mining and forest-products industries says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Regulators assume displaced workers will find new work quickly.  In reality, unemployment often has serious, continuing impacts on workers and their families. In addition to loss of income, many workers never return to full-time work. Of those who found full-time re-employment, 54 percent were earning less, and one-third were earning at least 20 percent less – once again says the Chamber. Why does Obama continue us down this ruinous path?
Since Martin Luther King’s famous speech, there has been a great melding of the races, but racial progress has come to a halt due to Obama’s constant playing of the race card against White Americans and due to his economic policies.  Black unemployment has skyrocketed since Obama was elected. Not because of racism, but because of the implementation of the left’s agenda, as detailed above. Can the country survive three mores years of this disastrous divisive  presidency?  I wonder.  It was said the way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. Supposedly Lenin said that. That Lenin guy must be Obama’s economic adviser.he way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. Supposedly Lenin said that. That Lenin guy must be Obama’s economic adviser.

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