Wobegon Trail repair work begins

Hikers and bikers on the Lake Wobegon Trail should be mindful of repair work that is now underway.

Portions of the trail will be closed sporadically throughout the summer for pavement repairs. The trail, according to Stearns County officials, is in need of some significant work, including crack-and-hole filling, as well as the complete resurfacing of some segments.

If trail users see repair work being done, they should use another portion of the trail. Hikers and bikers should stay off freshly repaired surfaces.

The work being done is in response to many complaints to the county during the past three years about holes on the trail or bumpy surfaces on some portions. The repairs are expected to improve surface quality and to make the trail generally safer for users.

Maintenance will be done as contractors are available and as weather permits through Aug. 31.

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