Storm damage homeowner tips

Across the state each year, many people become victims of tornadoes, hail and storms.  These natural disasters cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars annually.

One of the untold costs associated with disasters are those losses due to fraud. Often “fly-by-night” contractors appear in communities’ right after a disaster and further victimize the victims by swindling them out of their precious and often limited resources by offering cheap and quick repair work. Homeowners should be aware all builders and roofers must carry a Minnesota Building Contractor or Roofers license.  Here’s a warning from Central Minnesota Builders’ Association that may save you from another disaster: unscrupulous contractors.

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Infant deaths in child care down, DHS report shows

Legislation will take critical next steps on child care safety, other key licensing issues
Action taken by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, providers and local partners to address a dramatic increase in the deaths of infants in child care has helped to stall the alarming trend, according to the 2012 annual report on licensing activities by the DHS Office of Inspector General. Infant deaths occurring in child-care settings was one of four “emergent issues” identified in the report released this past spring.

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Summer job tax information

Summer jobs offer students the opportunity to make money and learn some important life lessons about the working world, including taxes.

As a new employee, students fill out a Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, so their employer withholds the right amount of taxes from regular pay, bonuses, commissions and vacation allowances.

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