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Budding preschool Picassos display artwork

by Mike Nistler

You would think children 3- to 5-years old might be a bit overwhelmed studying and then trying to duplicate the work of such artists as Georgia O’Keefe and Marc Chagall. You would be wrong.

This past week, teacher Cheri Burg’s students at All Saints Academy presented their work as part of a “Preschool Picassos” exhibit at the Satellite Gallery at the Millstream shops in St. Joseph.

It was the first group exhibition at the gallery, which opened in November of this past year. The exhibition runs through June.

Burg said the exhibit combines not only art, but subjects such as history, mathematics and science. Students studied six famous artists before tackling their pieces.

“Kids this age are much more capable of learning about art,” she said.

Added Jorgenson: “Art in play at its purist form. There’s not a right or a wrong. You’re just doing it.”

“And they’re doing it for themselves,” Burg said. “It provides such positive energy.”

Burg chose the title “Preschool Picassos” for the exhibit, in part because it was Picasso who said “Every child is an artist.”

And if you view the works on display at the Satellite Gallery, you will be hard-pressed not to agree.

One of the young artists who had a painting on display was 5-year-old Connor May, son of Stephen and Kathy May. Connor’s watercolor was inspired by his studying of O’Keefe. Art, his mother Kathy said, is part of why her son is excited to go to school.

Another young artist who did her impression of a Marc Chagall painting was Cecilia Weldon, daughter of Derik and Nancy Weldon. Cecilia explained how Chagall did a painting from a dream he had and she did the same. Her dream involved a horse, Teddy.

[/media-credit] Connor May, the son of Kathy and Stephen May, created a painting that was inspired by artist Georgia O’Keeffe.


[/media-credit] Cecilia Weldon, daughter of Nancy and Derik Weldon, poses in front of her piece of artwork.
All Saints Academy Preschool Teacher Cheri Burg discusses a painting with a parent.

[/media-credit] All Saints Academy preschool teacher Cheri Burg discusses a painting with a parent.

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