Klein excited about transitoning into police chief role

by TaLeiza Calloway


Joel Klein always wanted to be a cop. It was a career he knew would allow him to do what he enjoys – helping others.

While a lot of what law enforcement includes is assisting others, he also admits it’s cool to catch the criminal. However, public safety is his number one priority.[...]   Read More -->

After post-race exhilaration, terror explodes

by Dennis Dalman


Quite exhausted, Jereme Fimrite of Sartell was in his Boston hotel room when he thought it felt like something hit the building, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

About an hour earlier, he had crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. He was tired; he was sweaty. He stepped into the shower. When he stepped out, he was puzzled when he noticed a slew of phone calls on his cell phone. He quickly gave a “what’s up?” call to his father in St. Cloud.[...]   Read More -->

Earth Day Fun

contributed photo

Earth Day Fun before another snowfall later that night! April 22, Allison Marker and her Little Tykes Daycare children had a fun morning outside checking out the nature around us and creating a fun chalk drawing to celebrate Earth Day 2013.[...]   Read More -->

Families flock to St. Joseph community showcase

by TaLeiza Calloway


The gym at Kennedy Community School was often crowded April 20 during the St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce Community Showcase. This was the first year for the event and judging from attendance, it was something many enjoyed.[...]   Read More -->

At long last, community center starts to take shape in city

At long last, a Sartell Community Center is taking shape.

The idea, which began as a shimmering dream, is now almost visible. If all goes as planned, the 10,000 square-foot center will be built probably on the north end of Sartell City Hall and be attached to the city-hall building.[...]   Read More -->

Community center moves to design process

by Dennis Dalman


By the end of 2014, there might be a community-resources center attached to the north end of Sartell City Hall.

But, whoa, first things first.

That is, at least, the hope of the members of the Sartell Community-Resource Facility Task Force. At the April 8 council meeting, one of the task force members, architect Dan Tideman, presented the plan to council members and city staff.[...]   Read More -->

Community showcase is good addition to city

Cities pride themselves on what sets them apart from their neighbors.

Whether it’s a vibrant arts community, good schools, good roads or affordable housing, a city’s amenities and overall vibe is what makes residents want to live there and visitors stop in.[...]   Read More -->

Boston wins; terrrorists lose – again

What does Chechnya have to do with runners and spectators in the Boston Marathon? For that matter, what does Chechnya have to do with the United States or anything else other than Russia?

The Boston bombings typify, once again, the insanely twisted thinking of terrorists.[...]   Read More -->