Kendra Dierkes, 4, of St. Joseph, takes Ricky the Raccoon and Moobell to meet her mother April 20 during the St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce community showcase.

Families flock to St. Joseph community showcase

by TaLeiza Calloway The gym at Kennedy Community School was often crowded April 20 during the St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce Community Showcase. This was the first year for the event and judging from attendance, it was something many enjoyed. Between 400 and 500 people attended the event, which was designed to introduce new […]


At long last, community center starts to take shape in city

At long last, a Sartell Community Center is taking shape. The idea, which began as a shimmering dream, is now almost visible. If all goes as planned, the 10,000 square-foot center will be built probably on the north end of Sartell City Hall and be attached to the city-hall building. It’s a perfect location – […]


Community showcase is good addition to city

Cities pride themselves on what sets them apart from their neighbors. Whether it’s a vibrant arts community, good schools, good roads or affordable housing, a city’s amenities and overall vibe is what makes residents want to live there and visitors stop in. The St. Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a community showcase. What […]


Boston wins; terrrorists lose – again

What does Chechnya have to do with runners and spectators in the Boston Marathon? For that matter, what does Chechnya have to do with the United States or anything else other than Russia? The Boston bombings typify, once again, the insanely twisted thinking of terrorists. Everybody is wondering what was the motive of the two […]