Sartell runners OK after Boston Marathon blasts

by Dennis Dalman –

The four Sartell runners who participated in the Boston Marathon April 15 are thankfully all safe and sound, according to several sources. The four are Jereme Fimrite, Shane Johnson, Curt Karolus and Laura Nordby.

The area near the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon, usually the scene of much jubilation, instantly turned into a horrifying scene of carnage when two bombs exploded.

As of press time, three people had died from the blast, including an 8-year-old boy, Martin Richard, from Dorchester, Mass. He was watching from the sidewalk with his mother and 10-year-old sister when the first bomb exploded. The mother and sister were gravely injured, and the sister’s leg had to be amputated. The children were there with their mother to see their father, Bill, who was one of the runners.

There were about 176 injured, including 10 children. Fortunately, all the injured children have been released from hospitals. Some of the injuries caused by shrapnel were so severe that amputations were required. In some cases, the force of the blast itself literally tore the limbs off of some of the people. Most of the injured were spectators cheering on runners as they approached the finish line.

Many people at the scene said it was like instantly being thrust into the middle of the carnage of war.

Investigators are calling the two bombings an act of terrorism, but they do not know if the perpetrator(s) are domestic or foreign. They are combing the scene for evidence that may lead them to the bomber or bombers.

An estimated 20,000 runners participated in the event, which is now 117 years old.

The Sartell Newsleader plans to interview one or more of the Sartell runners when they return home.

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