Sartell man keeps alive legend, lore of trains

by Dennis Dalman –

Ron Euteneuer of Sartell loves to think his late grandfather helped build the old red caboose Ron and other volunteers are lovingly restoring at a site along 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue in Waite Park.

It’s very likely grandfather Albert Euteneuer did, in fact, have a hand in building the caboose. He worked at the Waite Park “car shops” from 1917 until 1960, constructing mainly railroad boxcars. Euteneuer was an expert at putting finishing wood touches on the cars, and grandson Ron is almost certain he would have been chosen to do the specialty-built features that characterize cabooses.[...]   Read More -->

Quilters gain fellowship by stitching together and giving back

by TaLeiza

Sunday is not the only day for fellowship at Resurrection Lutheran Church in St. Joseph. About 12 women and members of the congregation find fellowship and more during their weekly quilting gatherings on Wednesdays.[...]   Read More -->

Sartell Sabres shine even after state loss

There are winners; there are losers.

On March 20, the Minneapolis DeLaSalle Islanders were the winners of the high-school basketball 3A state championship. The Sartell Sabres were the losers, with a score of 70-55.

That’s a fact. But beyond that fact, the words “winners” and “losers” should be re-examined.[...]   Read More -->

Visitors get a sweet treat at the sugar shack

by Cori

On a cool and windy day, March 16, visitors enjoyed maple-syrup sundaes and hot chocolate at the sugar shack during the Maple Syrup Festival at the St. John’s Arboretum. All who tasted the treats were pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the syrup.[...]   Read More -->

Sabres reflect on dream come true

by Dennis Dalman –

Several Sabres basketball players say they feel as if they’d suddenly awakened from a dream last week after playing for the 3A state championship March 20 at Williams Arena in Minneapolis.

Even though the Sabres lost 55-70 to the Minneapolis DeLaSalle Islanders, they are proud they played their very best and happy to have been the first Sartell basketball team to compete in a state championship tourney – the first in 43 years.[...]   Read More -->

Volunteer beyond routine events

Earth Day is just around the corner as the month of April is just days away. It’s the time of year when students and community members rally, unite and pledge to help clean up a neighborhood park or two. That’s great, but don’t wait until Earth Day to give back to your community. Volunteer year-round.[...]   Read More -->

Happy Easter

contributed photo

All Saints Academy St. Joseph’s Montessori preschoolers display their easter eggs. Each egg contains a symbol of Jesus’ last days on earth. Pictured from left to right are:  Grace Nicoll, Carter Kuehl and Maya Anderson.


‘Bridges help people cross rivers’

Did you know Lady Diana was still alive before she died?

I didn’t, either. Not until the other day, when I saw a headline that stated:

Diana was still alive hours before she died

Shocking. Just imagine – alive, then dead.

That’s one of many headlines a news colleague emailed me last week. In the email attachment, there are about two dozen headlines that have been photographed from a variety of newspapers. I have to wonder, though, if some are hoaxes because a few are so obscene and/or just plain dumb I cannot imagine how any headline writer could have written them – even in haste – without knowing how “bad” they are. It’s hard to imagine how such headlines could have escaped the eagle-eyed attention of a proofreader, unless the proofreader called in sick that day.[...]   Read More -->