‘Safety Walk Through’ completed at schools

A “Safety Walk Through” at Sartell schools was recently completed with an aim to improving security and safety.

The walk-through included administration officials, building-maintenance personnel, school-board members and people from the local fire department and police department. All aspects of safety were scrutinized during the walk-through. It is just one step of an ongoing, year-round review of security and safety issues at all Sartell school buildings.

The security/safety features include the following: Single-door access at each school site; internal and external security cameras; employee I.D. badges; name badges for all visitors; numbered-door access areas for emergency personnel; intercom systems; emergency radio access; updated signage for visitors to buildings; periodical drills for fire, lock-down and threatening weather; school resource officers on duty; and an All-Hazards Plan developed in partnership with emergency-response personnel in the Sartell-St. Stephen area.

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