The truth about happily ever after: Nine ways to strengthen your marriage on Valentine’s Day and every day

The quality of your marriage can make or break the quality of your life. Todd Patkin shares proven ways to strengthen your relationship with your spouse…and become happier in the process.

Valentine’s Day is looming large on the horizon, and everywhere you look, commercials, magazines, store displays and more are focused on helping couples plan the “perfect” Feb. 14 celebration. Yes, if you’re in a relationship, it’s important and enjoyable to celebrate your love on this special day. However, Todd Patkin has some advice for married couples especially: Romance, roses, chocolates and champagne are only a small part of what makes up a marriage. The truth is, it’s the 364 days that surround Feb. 14 that can make or break the quality of your relationship. So if you want to give your spouse the most meaningful Valentine’s gift of all, commit to putting daily thought – and yes, work! – into your relationship.

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