SFX Kindergartener collects food for hungry – forgets to tell mom

John Anderson is a sweet boy with a good heart, and a solid rebellious streak.
In October, John participated in a prayer service about World Hunger Day. It was prepared by the students at St. Francis Xavier School in Sartell, where he is a kindergartener. John was inspired to help the hungry. He was so inspired and determined to ask his neighbors to help, he forgot to ask his mom if he could go outside.

“I was frantic, looking all over for him,” said Sarah Anderson, John’s mom. Then, she noticed the white bags on her front porch.
“He asked neighbors if they knew there are people who are starving and have no food,” Sarah said. “Then he told them they needed to give the starving people food.”
John collected three grocery bags full of food to be donated to area food shelves.

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