Bachmann, Graves debate in St. Cloud

In a feisty hour-long debate, 6th District U.S. Congressional candidates Michele Bachmann (R-Stillwater) and challenger Jim Graves drew an audience of nearly 500 people to the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud. The debate was moderated by St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce President Teresa Bohnen. The two candidates indulged in a verbal war of words, with Bachmann accusing Graves of being a tax-and-spend liberal and Graves accusing Bachmann of not representing the people of her district. Among the topics were a bridge near Stillwater that Bachmann fought for and that Graves calls too expensive; how to maintain Social Security and Medicare; and ObamaCare, which Bachmann wants to repeal and which Graves favors as a step in the right direction toward health care for all.

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Raden would work for students, teachers

We would like to encourage all Sartell residents to vote in this election. The school board election is one of the most important decisions facing our district.
We are the grandparents to two Sartell students and have closely followed the actions of the current board. We strongly endorse a change. Pam Raden is an extremely strong candidate to return this board to a functioning group, working for the students and teachers and bringing the board back to an open, communicating, trustworthy entity. We have known and respected Pam for many years and have always found her to be intelligent, trustworthy, caring and someone who people go to when they want to get something done. A vote for Pam Raden is someone we strongly endorse and would encourage Sartell residents in joining us in voting for her to bring Sartell a board member we can be very proud of.

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Saving man’s life just came natural

Italicize Newsleader

by Dennis Dalman

Kevin Hollingsworth, 19, of Sartell, does not think of himself as a heroic lifesaver; instead, he says he is a young man with proper training who happened to be at the right place at the right time.
He dove head-first into icy-cold water and saved a man’s life.
Although Hollingsworth rejects “hero” status, others feel differently, including the man he saved and the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department. On Oct. 30, the sheriff’s department awarded Hollingsworth the “Citizen Lifesaver Award” for his actions last summer. In presenting the award, Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner said, “Kevin is a shining example of how regular people react to a situation and perform in an extraordinary way.”
It was Sanner himself who recommended Hollingsworth for the award. It’s the first time in close to 20 years the sheriff’s department has bestowed a citizen lifesaving award.
“I’m humbled by the award,” Hollingsworth told the Newsleader before receiving the honor
“I didn’t do anything beyond the call of duty, really. I was there. It was the right thing to do, and it’s what I should have done. With the training I’d had, it just came natural to me.”
It happened one day last June at the swimming quarry in Waite Park. Hollingsworth and a friend, Jordan Doyle, had just taken a swim in the quarry and were leaving when they heard a distant commotion. Then, a woman on the trail said, “He needs help!”
Looking back, Hollingsworth saw a young man struggling in the water, yelling for help, splashing frantically to try to stay afloat. Standing above the edge of the quarry, Hollingsworth took off his shirt and dove from a high rock 20 feet down head-first into the cold water, swimming the 50 feet or so over to the man.
There were many people at the quarry that day, most of them young people. When they heard the man’s cries for help, they appeared stunned and scared, not knowing what to do, Hollingsworth recalled.
By the time Hollingsworth reached the man, his head was underwater, and it appeared he was losing consciousness. Hollingsworth grabbed him and, doing the scissor-stroke with all his might, managed to tow the man over to a large flat slab of rock at the edge of the quarry. It was very difficult to lift the man’s nearly lifeless and limp body onto the rock, but he managed to do it with the help of someone else.
Seconds later, the man began to cough and sputter. Hollingsworth checked the man’s pulse, which was very weak. In the meantime, help was on its way – the ambulance and sheriff’s deputies.
After the dazed-but-relieved man recovered somewhat, he thanked Hollingsworth and shook his hand. The man’s girlfriend, in tears with relief, also thanked him. Then Hollingsworth and his friend left the quarry, headed home.
To this day, Hollingsworth does not know the man’s name. The only information he knows is he was from St. Paul, on a home break from military training and was visiting his girlfriend in St. Cloud at the time of the near-drowning. He was, Hollingsworth estimated, in this late teens or early 20s – rather tall and quite thin.
Hollingsworth credits his life-saving training in a ski-patrol unit for his saving the man’s life. Hollingsworth, who has always loved swimming and skiing, joined the ski patrol and volunteers at the Powder Ridge Ski Resort near Kimball. A life-saving unit that involved drowning swimmers was part of the course he studied.
“That’s why it just came so natural,” he said. “It’s because I’d learned to react that way in that ski-patrol training.”
In an essay he wrote for his college writing class, Hollingsworth described the moment of crisis:
“Time stopped. Noises stopped. People stopped. The air grew colder by the millisecond. Did I just witness someone die? All 200 people went from louder than a rock concert to as quiet as a funeral in a matter of seconds. At this very second, hundreds of thoughts were racing through my head without time to comprehend a single one. Time literally stopped. I went from being a diehard show-off to a full-fledged professional rescuer faster than the word death was able to sink in. From the depths of my brain, I instantly recalled the textbook procedure for rescuing a drowning victim. It was like I just passed my final EMT exam. I was able to go above and beyond, without letting a single thought interrupt my mission. I was not about to go home and let this sight haunt me for the rest of my life. I was not able to fathom watching the news, as two anchors half-heartedly tell Minnesota that a young man died swimming today. I knew hell was going to freeze over before this man dies.”
Hollingsworth, a 2011 graduate of Sartell High School, is the son of Sam and Susan Hollingsworth. He is currently a student at St. Cloud State University where he plans to study business. He also works three jobs: Scheel’s sporting goods store, Discount Tire and Auto and his volunteer ski-patrol job at Powder Ridge.

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Volunteer drivers sought

Tri-CAP expands opportunities for the economic and social well-being of their residents. Qualified
volunteers are needed to transport passengers using their own vehicles to medical appointments, social
service appointments, visitations and other needs. The driver will provide rides for passengers as
assigned by Tri-CAP within Stearns, Benton and Sherburne counties and the surrounding areas.
Volunteer drivers are reimbursed at the Federal IRS rate. Drivers must be at least 21 years old, have a valid
driver’s license and be free from any drug/alcohol influence. The driver is required to carry automobile
insurance as required by MN State Law and to notify the insurance company of the volunteer driving
position. A driver must keep all names and information about passengers confidential.
Contact Tri-CAP at (320) 202-7824

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Don’t deny their reality

Jeannie Fesler & Jeffrey Fesler, Sartell

We were married for more than 30 years and, although our marriage did not work out, the good memories will always be there.
Like many parents, we worked hard to support our family in a broad spectrum of ways – in the schools, with our jobs and at home. We also know there are many same-sex couples who already support their families these same ways in communities across our state. And unlike us, many of their relationships last. You can vote whatever way you want on this upcoming amendment, but nothing will take away the love that is experienced in a family, regardless of who heads it. Nobody should have who they are or their reality as a couple be denied by the state constitution. That is why we are voting NO this November.

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Random thoughts on a lot of things

Ron Scarbro

I watched the vice presidential debate. I didn’t think there was much about the attack on our embassy that was funny. It would appear Joseph Biden thought it was. For Obama to deny the attack was terrorism was a calculated political move which somewhat explains his actions, but to deny the embassy additional security when asked, was accessory to murder. Whether that refusal for security came from the state department or the White House, the guilty party or parties should be terminated and possibly prosecuted. There is no excuse for this dereliction, period.

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Bachmann cares about fame, TV face time

Mike Lowry, Sartell reader
Minnesota’s 6th District has become a joke in the eyes of the nation.
Michele Bachmann cares more about fame and TV face time then any of her constituents. Despite her phobias about other religions, she and her husband take every chance given to cram Christianity down people’s throats. That has no place in government. There’s a little thing in the Constitution called “Church and State.”  I respect and admire those who have the courage to run for public office. I do. And I respect strong, conservative women (my wife is a wonderful example). I do not, however, support or respect a divisive, cynical, uncooperative media hound who puts herself before the people every chance she gets. Wake up, 6th District.

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Volunteer tutors sought

Consider giving of your time to help a young Somali child get an education. Homework help is needed for K-12 Somali students in St. Cloud School District 742. Assist a student to complete daily homework and practice reading, spelling and basic math. This is a partnership between the St. Cloud School District and the non-profit Somali American Heritage and Education Center. The program will begin in October and end May 3. Volunteers are needed from 5-6:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays; volunteer as much as you are able. They will provide training and teacher contact if needed.
Contact Ismail Ali at or (320) 290-6872, or Susan Doering at or (320) 253-5828.

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